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It took a long time, after I first wanted to build my own smart mirror. Today I received my last required piece, the mirror itself and built it all together.

The parts you basically need are:

  •  a screen, which can be from an old monitor or a screen without a case + a controller ( Monitor, ( Monitor Controller, )
  •  AC Adapter for it ( )
  •  Raspberry 3 ( )
  •  A two-way-mirror (Deutsch: Spionspiegel) Hardware Stores, ( order online )
  •  And for the „case“ get this from ( IKEA )

The OS to install on the raspberry pi for the daily use can be of your choice either:

  •  MirrOS, which I currently use
  •  Magic Mirror which I’m also gonna try out, since it seems to be more powerful

The guys from MirrOS also have a German tutorial and video for building the smart mirror ( VIDEO LINK )

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