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Hi from the IFA 2017,

besides being there with Linkdesk showing the Room Locator which was a lot of fun…








I could also have a look at some of my new upcoming favorites and other gadgets such as

The Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung, which has a stunning borderless display, together with a video of Norway scenery playing, or by scrolling through Google Maps, it just feels amazing.

Looking forward to the new generation of cleaning robots from Neato, the Botvac D8, where I can virtually create spots where the robot shouldn’t go to, enables home cleaning automation to function without me helping him out with some obstacles here and there

LaMetric seems to have a new generation of Time being tested, which is thinner and has a touchscreen on it.

Amazon’s Alexa is obviously a big topic here, a lot of manufactures are about to release Alexa enabled smart speakers. Also it is integrated in many robots, where I feel like those kind of products are far from being smart and ready, having an android tablet patchworked with Alexa and a camera, put on some wheels.

and many more things, just some impressions 🙂


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