Linkdesk Room Locator

I’m excited to announce Linkdesk’s brand new smart device called Room Locator. It allows you to trigger homekit devices as you enter or leave rooms. So for instance you can turn on/off your Bathroom Lights automatically, whenever you enter / leave the room.

Compared to common Bluetooth Beacons, Room Locator was developed to only cover one single room. We have worked hard  to make it become easy to setup in the Devices iOS App and even implemented silent updates in the background for the Locator.

For more information about the Linkdesk Room Locator visit Linkdesk’s Website.
If you want to try one check it out on Amazon.

How to use Xcode 7.3 and iOS 10 Devices to Debug

  1. Download new Xcode Beta
  2. Create a symbolic link from the old Xcode Device Support Folder to the iOS 10 Developer image in the Xcode Beta App Folder
    sudo ln -s /Applications/\ \(14A5261u\) /Applications/
  3. (for watchOS)
    sudo ln -s /Applications/\ \(14S5247q\) /Applications/
  4. Remember to update it (“14A5261u”) with every beta build

Hello From WWDC

This year I had the opportunity again to go to WWDC. This time we were selected with the Linkdesk Team and our App “Devices”.


Some of my favorite Sessions so far:

What’s new in Swift

What’s new in watchkit 3.0

Architecting for performance in watchOS 3

What’s new in Foundation

Keeping your watch app up to date

What’s new inNSURLSession and Best Practices

Going Server-side with Swift Open Source

Devices HomeKit App

I’m really happy to announce, that the iPhone app Devices was finally released on the Appstore. We worked very hard on it during the last month, to provide the best experience in this HomeKit app. The app provides a really nice way of interacting with devices. You are able to add, manage and especially to control all your smart HomeKit Ready devices, like the Phillips Hue Lights. The app has alls the major HomeKit Features packed into a very simple, but beautiful design.  Try it out!

Let’s also have a look into the future: the next major release (1.1) will contain a native watch app, to control your home without the need of an iPhone close to you.

Devices on the Appstore


Raspberry Pi gets its official touch screen

Have you also tried different monitors to use with your Raspberry Pi ?
Now there is an official one.
It looks like a common tablet device when you look at it from the front.

One the back of the screen, the raspberry itself can be attached and the screen can be connected
using DSI-Plug. So there is still the possibility to extend your pi with another screen though hdmi.
It also has a stand in the back.

Technical Details you might be interested:
– 800 x 480 resolution
– 10 Finger simultan input
– Screen size of 155 x 86 mm
– Price around  70 €, at the moment you can only order it here  in Great Britain

And here is an introducing video

What’s new in Swift 2.0

Coming with Xcode 7, introduced at WWDC 2015 in June, swift will be updated to 2.0 and there are a lot of useful changes:

Improved error handling

you can now add throws keyword to your method signature. So you can define an enum ErrorType and throw this specific error in that method. when using the method, you need to surround it with a try, catch block then.
For Example:

enum DriveError : ErrorType {

case .NoEngine
case .BrokenEngine

func drive(car Car, route Route) throws DriveError {

if car.hasEngine() {
} else {
throw DriveError.NoEngine

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Apple’s Homekit – use current devices using Raspberry Pi

When Apple revealed HomeKit at WWDC last year, everyone was excited. Unfortunately there are still no devices available on the market, nor is an application in the store.

One cool thing about apple’s homekit is controlling devices using siri.

Basically Homekit is already integrated in the current iOS 8 versions, so if you are a developer you can create an app and run it. Hm but what about devices ? So there is one trick outside there, because some guys did a good job reverse engineering apples protocol, you can setup a custom bridge using a raspberry pi for example.

I did all that stuff, added my phillips hue lights to the raspberry and some custom devices like the iRobot Roomba Cleaner. And here is the result:

Thanks to
HAP-NodeJS (Node JS Application for Raspberry,etc
Better Home Kit (iOS HomeKit implementation)

Smart & Easy Core Data Library: Objective Record

Wer auf der Suche nach einer einfachen Lösung für die Verwendung von Core Data ist und genug von dem überladenem Code hat,
welcher nötig ist um Core Data zu initialisieren (NSPersistentStoreCoordinator, NSManagedObjectContext, etc.)
bekommt mit dem Objective Record eine schöne, interessante und einfache Lösung:


Hier ein kleines Beispiel

Person *john = [Person create]; = @"John";
[john save];
[john delete];

[Person create:@{
@”name” : @”John”,
@”age” : @12,
@”member” : @NO