Entwickler: Alexander Deutsch
Preis: Kostenlos

This Tetris clone was a fun project, not only i got to work on a game, but also was trying on how much work can can save by using ChatGPT as a companion or even a full replacement ?

Yes and No. First of all ChatGPT was quite helpful when it came to the first lines of code, the basic project setup and simple classes. After implementing the first version, almost fully coded by my buddy GPT, i started to run it on the simulator and …. nothing. Literally nothing was working. I then tried to feed ChatGPT with the errors and logs and everything it would ask me, step by step. Some of the errors it could resolve, but eventually i had to figure it what was going wrong my self and dig deeper into the logic.

As a summary i would say, it is quite helpful as a simple setup and code completion helper, but i would say yet you can’t replace a full programmer and for non-programmers (Sorry to say) but it’s not really possible to entirely create an app just by the help of Chat GPT.

After finishing the game and all it’s basic logic, i thought what other special features could i implement, to make it stand out ?, here are some ideas which some of them are currently activated and some not:

  • HomeKit integration: Go to settings and select a room, then the lights color will change according to your current game’s tetris block (see video)
  • A Public chat with ChatGPT as a bot, so you can ask anything! (currently inactive)
  • A public highscore, compete to be the best! 😉

Here some Screenshots:

New Feature, control color of your HomeKit lights while playing 🙂

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