2024 iPad Pro to Utilize LCD Panel Instead of OLED or mini-LED, According to an Unreliable Report

2024 iPad Pro to Use LCD Panel Instead of OLED or mini-LED, Claims Sketchy Report

A recent report has made a bold claim about the upcoming 2024 iPad Pro, suggesting that it will use an LCD panel instead of the highly anticipated OLED or mini-LED technology. However, the reliability of this report has been called into question, with many industry insiders dismissing it as sketchy.

What is OLED and mini-LED?

OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode, which is a display technology known for its deep blacks, high contrast ratio, and vibrant colors. It has been widely adopted in smartphones and high-end TVs for its superior image quality.

On the other hand, mini-LED is a newer display technology that combines the advantages of both traditional LCD and OLED. It uses thousands of tiny LED backlights to provide better contrast, improved brightness, and more precise local dimming.

The Benefits of OLED and mini-LED

Many Apple enthusiasts were excited about the possibility of the 2024 iPad Pro featuring OLED or mini-LED technology. These technologies could offer significant improvements in image quality and overall viewing experience.

OLED displays are known for their deep blacks and infinite contrast, which can make colors appear more vibrant and lifelike. They also have better response times and viewing angles compared to LCD panels.

On the other hand, mini-LED technology can provide enhanced brightness levels, better HDR performance, and improved power efficiency. It can also help prevent issues like screen burn-in commonly associated with OLED displays.

Why the Report is Questionable

While the adoption of LCD technology in the 2024 iPad Pro might seem like a step backward, it is important to approach this report with skepticism. Many industry experts believe that Apple would be unlikely to forgo the advancements offered by OLED and mini-LED.

Both OLED and mini-LED have been extensively used in Apple’s recent product lineup, including the iPhone 13 and the latest MacBook Pro models. It seems highly unlikely that Apple would revert to an older display technology for its flagship iPad Pro.


While a recent report claims that the 2024 iPad Pro will feature an LCD panel instead of OLED or mini-LED, the reliability of this information is questionable. Both OLED and mini-LED technologies offer significant advancements in display quality, and it is unlikely that Apple would step back to an older technology for its flagship tablet. As always, it is best to wait for official announcements from Apple before drawing any conclusions.

source: https://www.macrumors.com/2023/10/20/2024-ipad-pro-lcd-panel-not-oled-or-mini-led/

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