Alexa Routines: No IFTTT Support Starting November

Alexa Routines: No more IFTTT support starting November

In exciting news for smart home enthusiasts, Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, has announced that it will no longer support IFTTT (If This Then That) starting in November. IFTTT has been a popular service that allows users to create custom automation workflows between different apps, devices, and services.

Why the change?

According to Amazon, the decision to end support for IFTTT is part of their ongoing efforts to improve the Alexa experience and ensure the highest level of security and reliability for users. They stated that they have been working on expanding the capabilities of Alexa Routines, a feature that allows users to create personalized voice commands to control multiple smart devices simultaneously.

What are Alexa Routines?

Alexa Routines are a powerful tool that enables users to create custom commands that trigger multiple actions. For example, you can set up a routine called „Good Morning“ that turns on the lights, plays your favorite news podcast, and adjusts the thermostat to a comfortable temperature – all with a single voice command. Previously, users needed to rely on IFTTT to achieve this level of automation.

Improved functionality

With the update, Alexa Routines will be able to handle more complex actions, including custom delays, repeat actions, and the ability to trigger routines from specific events like sunrise or sunset. This enhanced functionality aims to provide users with more flexibility and control in their smart home automation.

Third-party integrations

While losing IFTTT support may be disappointing for some, it’s worth noting that Alexa continues to support a wide range of third-party integrations and skills. Many popular smart home devices and services already have direct integrations with Alexa, making it easy to control them through voice commands or the Alexa app.

What should I do if I rely on IFTTT with Alexa?

If you currently use IFTTT with Alexa and depend on it for your smart home automation, it’s time to start transitioning to Alexa Routines. Amazon has provided resources and guides to help users migrate their existing IFTTT workflows to Alexa Routines. The transition should be relatively straightforward, and you’ll likely find that Routines offer even more possibilities for automating your smart home.

In conclusion

While the discontinuation of IFTTT support may come as a surprise to some Alexa users, the expanded capabilities of Alexa Routines offer a promising replacement. With increased functionality and a growing list of third-party integrations, Alexa continues to establish itself as a leading option for smart home enthusiasts. So, get ready to embrace the future of home automation with Alexa Routines!


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