Amazon Alexa Expands Apple Podcasts Support to Over 40 Countries

Amazon Alexa Now Supports Apple Podcasts in Over 40 Countries

In a move that is sure to please podcast enthusiasts, Amazon Alexa has announced that it now supports Apple Podcasts in over 40 countries. This new integration allows users to easily access and play their favorite podcasts from the Apple Podcasts library using voice commands on their Alexa-enabled devices.

How it Works

With this new feature, Amazon Alexa users can now simply say, „Alexa, play The Joe Rogan Experience podcast“ or „Alexa, play the latest episode of Serial podcast“ to enjoy their favorite shows. The integration is seamless, allowing for a hands-free and convenient listening experience.

To enable this feature, users need to link their Apple ID with their Amazon Alexa account. This can be done through the Alexa app or the Amazon website. Once the accounts are linked, users can access their subscribed podcasts, as well as search and browse through the extensive Apple Podcasts library using only their voice.

Global Availability

This integration is a significant step in the ongoing collaboration between Amazon and Apple, making it even easier for podcast lovers to enjoy their preferred content. Previously, Alexa only supported rival podcast platforms such as Spotify and TuneIn.

The launch of Apple Podcasts on Alexa is available in over 40 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, India, and many more. This means that a wide range of users worldwide can now enjoy a seamless podcast experience using their Alexa-enabled devices.

Benefits for Podcast Creators

The integration of Apple Podcasts with Amazon Alexa is not just great news for listeners, but also for podcast creators. This expands the potential audience for podcasts, as they can now be discovered and accessed by millions of smart speaker users.

By enabling their shows on Apple Podcasts, creators can tap into the growing popularity of voice assistants and reach new listeners who prefer using Alexa devices. This can lead to increased exposure, more subscribers, and ultimately help podcasters grow their audience.

A Summary of the Announcement

With Amazon Alexa now supporting Apple Podcasts in over 40 countries, podcast lovers around the world can enjoy a more seamless and convenient listening experience. By simply linking their Apple ID with their Amazon Alexa account, users can easily play their favorite podcasts using only their voice commands. This integration not only benefits listeners but also opens up new opportunities for podcast creators to reach a wider audience. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.


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