Apple acknowledges BMW wireless charging problem with iPhone 15 line-up, plans solution in 2022

Apple Admits to BMW Wireless Charging Issue With iPhone 15 Lineup, Promises Fix Later This Year

Apple recently admitted to a wireless charging issue with its iPhone 15 lineup when used with BMW vehicles. Many users have reported that their iPhones are not charging wirelessly when placed on the charging pads in their BMW cars.

The Problem

The problem seems to be specific to BMW vehicles, as users have not reported any issues with wireless charging on other charging pads. When the iPhone 15 is placed on the wireless charging pad in a BMW car, it does not charge, and the battery icon on the iPhone remains unchanged. Users have tried various troubleshooting steps, including restarting their iPhones and updating their BMW’s software, but the issue persists.

This issue has left many BMW owners frustrated and disappointed, as wireless charging has become a standard feature in modern vehicles. Being unable to charge their iPhones wirelessly while driving defeats the purpose of having this convenient feature.

Apple’s Response

Apple has acknowledged the issue and promised a fix later this year. In a statement, Apple stated, „We are aware of the wireless charging issue affecting iPhone 15 users in BMW vehicles. Our engineering team is working closely with BMW to identify the root cause and develop a solution. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience.“

It is reassuring to see Apple taking responsibility for the problem and working on a solution. However, the fact that the fix will only be available later this year means BMW owners will have to wait for several months before being able to use wireless charging with their iPhone 15 in their vehicles.


While waiting for the official fix, there are a few workarounds that BMW owners can try to charge their iPhones wirelessly in their cars.

1. Use a Qi-enabled wireless charging case: There are Qi-enabled cases available in the market that can be used to enable wireless charging on the iPhone 15. These cases have a built-in Qi receiver that allows the iPhone to charge wirelessly. By using such a case, BMW owners can continue to benefit from wireless charging until the official fix is released.

2. Use a wired charging adapter: Another option is to use a wired charging adapter that can be connected to the iPhone’s lightning port. This would bypass the wireless charging issue entirely and allow users to charge their iPhones while driving. Although it’s not as convenient as wireless charging, it is a viable solution until the fix is available.


Apple has admitted to a wireless charging issue with the iPhone 15 lineup when used with BMW vehicles. The problem seems to be specific to BMW cars, and Apple has promised a fix later this year. In the meantime, BMW owners can explore alternative options such as using a Qi-enabled wireless charging case or a wired charging adapter. While these workarounds are not ideal, they provide a temporary solution until the official fix is released.


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