Apple Safari Technology Preview 181: Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 181

Apple has recently released Safari Technology Preview 181, which brings a range of bug fixes and performance improvements. This update is available for macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina users who have installed the Safari Technology Preview program.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Safari Technology Preview 181 includes several bug fixes that address various issues present in the previous versions. These bug fixes ensure a smoother and more reliable browsing experience for users. Some of the key bug fixes include:

  • Fix for a bug that caused certain websites to crash unexpectedly
  • Improved stability when using the Web Inspector
  • Fixed an issue where certain images wouldn’t load correctly
  • Enhanced performance when loading heavy webpages
  • Improved JavaScript performance

In addition to the bug fixes, this update also includes performance improvements. Users can expect faster page loading times and a more efficient browsing experience overall. Apple continues to enhance the performance of Safari Technology Preview with each release, ensuring that users can enjoy the best possible browsing experience.

How to Get Safari Technology Preview 181

If you’re already a Safari Technology Preview user, you can update to version 181 by going to the „Safari Technology Preview“ section in the Mac App Store and clicking on the „Update“ button.

If you’re not currently a Safari Technology Preview user, you can download it for free from the Apple Developer website. Safari Technology Preview allows users to test upcoming features and improvements for Safari, providing valuable feedback to Apple before the official release.


Apple’s release of Safari Technology Preview 181 brings bug fixes and performance improvements to macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina users. This update ensures a smoother browsing experience with improved stability, faster page loading times, and enhanced JavaScript performance. Safari Technology Preview users can update to version 181 from the Mac App Store, while new users can download it for free from the Apple Developer website. Stay up to date with the latest improvements and test upcoming features by using Safari Technology Preview.


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