Apple’s Upcoming M3 MacBooks Expected to Launch Next Year, According to Shipment Forecast

Apple’s First M3 MacBooks Coming Next Year, Claims Shipment Forecast

According to a shipment forecast, Apple is expected to release its first MacBook models featuring the new M3 chip in 2022. The M3 chip is rumored to be the successor to Apple’s M1 chip, which was released last year and has been widely praised for its performance and power efficiency.

The forecast comes from TrendForce, a market research firm known for its accurate predictions in the tech industry. TrendForce expects Apple to ship about 15 to 17 million M3-powered MacBooks next year, with mass production starting in the second half of 2022. If this forecast turns out to be true, it would mark another significant milestone in Apple’s transition away from Intel processors.

Improved Performance and Efficiency

The M3 chip is expected to bring even more improvements in performance and power efficiency compared to the M1 chip. Apple’s custom-designed ARM-based chips have already proven to be incredibly powerful and efficient, allowing MacBooks to deliver impressive performance while maintaining long battery life.

With the M3 chip, Apple is likely to push the boundaries even further. The new chip is expected to feature upgraded CPU and GPU cores, which will result in faster and smoother performance for tasks like video editing, gaming, and multitasking. Additionally, the improved power efficiency will allow MacBooks to last even longer on a single charge, making them more attractive to professionals and power users.

Continuing the Transition

Apple’s move away from Intel processors has been in the works for several years now. The company began transitioning its Mac lineup to its custom-designed chips in 2020, starting with the M1 chip in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini. The transition has been a big success so far, with users and critics praising the performance, battery life, and app compatibility of the new Macs.

By introducing the M3 chip, Apple is reinforcing its commitment to its own silicon and further solidifying its position as a leader in chip design. The company’s custom-designed chips have allowed it to differentiate its products from competitors and optimize hardware and software integration, resulting in a seamless user experience.


Apple’s upcoming M3 MacBooks are expected to build on the success of the M1 chip and bring even better performance and power efficiency. With its custom-designed chips, Apple has been able to deliver impressive performance while maintaining long battery life, and the M3 chip is expected to take it a step further. As Apple continues its transition away from Intel processors, the M3 chip will mark another significant milestone in the company’s journey towards complete self-sufficiency.


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