Consumer advocates demand €15 compensation for slow internet speeds.

Consumer advocates demand 15 euros compensation for slow internet

Consumer advocates are calling for compensation of 15 euros for consumers who experience slow internet speeds. This demand comes as frustration grows among internet users who are not getting the speeds they are paying for.

The problem of slow internet

Slow and unreliable internet connections have become a common complaint among consumers. Whether it’s browsing websites, streaming videos, or downloading files, slow internet speeds can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Many consumers are paying for high-speed internet packages but are not receiving the promised performance. This issue is particularly prevalent in rural areas where infrastructure investment is lacking.

The call for compensation

Consumer advocates argue that if consumers are not receiving the internet speeds they are paying for, they should be entitled to compensation. They believe that a minimum compensation of 15 euros is fair for the inconvenience and loss of productivity caused by slow internet.

This demand for compensation is not without precedent. In recent years, similar cases have emerged in other countries where consumers have successfully received compensation for slow internet speeds.

The potential impact

If consumer advocates are successful in their demand for compensation, it could have a significant impact on internet service providers. They may be required to invest more in infrastructure and improve their services to avoid further compensation claims.

However, some argue that this demand for compensation may lead to higher costs for consumers in the long run. Internet service providers may pass on the costs of compensation to users by increasing subscription fees.


Consumer advocates are demanding compensation of 15 euros for consumers experiencing slow internet speeds. This call for compensation highlights the frustrations shared by many internet users who are not receiving the speeds they are paying for. If successful, this demand could lead to improvements in internet service provision, but it may also result in increased costs for consumers.


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