DB Navigator: App wird eingestellt ab 1. November

Next DB Navigator: App to be discontinued on November 1st

The Next DB Navigator app, which has been a popular choice for travelers using the Deutsche Bahn (DB) services, is set to be discontinued on November 1st. The decision to shut down the app comes as Deutsche Bahn looks to streamline its digital offerings and focus on providing a more seamless travel experience for its customers.

What is Next DB Navigator?

Next DB Navigator is a mobile application developed by Deutsche Bahn that provides up-to-date information on train schedules, ticket bookings, and real-time travel updates. The app has been widely used by commuters and tourists alike, offering a convenient way to plan journeys and stay updated on any disruptions or delays.

Why is the app being discontinued?

Deutsche Bahn has made the decision to discontinue the Next DB Navigator app to consolidate its digital services and provide a more streamlined experience for its customers. The app was launched several years ago when mobile apps were still relatively new, and since then, Deutsche Bahn has developed newer and more advanced digital platforms.

The company’s focus is now on providing a cohesive and seamless travel experience across all its digital channels, including its website and the newer DB Navigator app. By discontinuing Next DB Navigator, Deutsche Bahn aims to ensure that all customers have access to the most up-to-date and user-friendly travel services.

What are the alternatives?

Deutsche Bahn recommends that users of the Next DB Navigator app switch to the newer DB Navigator app, which offers a range of improved features and functionality. The newer app provides all the same services as Next DB Navigator and more, including real-time train information, ticket bookings, and personalized travel recommendations.

Additionally, Deutsche Bahn has also been investing in its website to enhance the online booking experience. Users can visit the Deutsche Bahn website to plan their journeys, book tickets, and receive notifications about any disruptions or delays.


Deutsche Bahn has announced that the Next DB Navigator app will be discontinued on November 1st. The decision comes as part of an effort to streamline its digital offerings and provide a more cohesive travel experience for its customers. Users are encouraged to switch to the newer and more advanced DB Navigator app or use the Deutsche Bahn website for their travel planning and ticket booking needs.

source: https://www.iphone-ticker.de/next-db-navigator-app-wird-zum-1-november-eingestellt-223185/

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