Excel for Mac: No more „worse improvements“

Excel for Mac: No More „Improvements“

Since its release, Microsoft Excel has been the go-to software for data management and analysis. However, the Mac version of Excel has often been criticized for lacking certain features and not being on par with its Windows counterpart. But not anymore! Microsoft has recently released an update for Excel for Mac, addressing these issues and bringing it up to speed with the Windows version.

New Features and Improvements

The latest update to Excel for Mac includes several new features and improvements that have been long-awaited by Mac users:

1. Ribbon Customization

One of the biggest complaints about Excel for Mac was the inability to customize the ribbon, which is a toolbar at the top of the window that contains commands and functions. With the latest update, Mac users can now customize the ribbon to suit their needs, making it easier and more convenient to access frequently used tools and commands.

2. Formula Bar Improvements

The formula bar, where users enter and edit formulas, has also received some much-needed improvements. Mac users can now take advantage of the formula autocomplete feature, which suggests formulas as you type and makes it quicker to create complex calculations. Additionally, the formula bar now supports multiline editing, making it easier to work with longer and more complex formulas.

3. PivotTable Enhancements

PivotTables are a powerful feature in Excel for data analysis, and Mac users can now benefit from some new enhancements. The update brings support for custom sorting and filtering options within PivotTables, allowing users to easily analyze and manipulate large sets of data.

Improved Cross-Platform Compatibility

Another important aspect of the update is improved cross-platform compatibility. Excel for Mac is now better aligned with the Windows version, which means that files created on one platform can be seamlessly opened and edited on the other. This makes collaboration and sharing files between Mac and Windows users much smoother and more efficient.

Additionally, the update ensures that Mac users are not left behind when new features and improvements are introduced. Microsoft is committed to creating a consistent and unified experience across all platforms, which is great news for Mac users.

Closing Summary

The latest update to Excel for Mac brings a host of new features and improvements, making it a more powerful and user-friendly tool for data management and analysis. Mac users can now customize the ribbon, take advantage of formula autocomplete, and benefit from enhanced PivotTable functionality. Improved cross-platform compatibility ensures seamless collaboration between Mac and Windows users. With these updates, Excel for Mac is no longer playing catch-up with its Windows counterpart, but instead stands on its own as a top-notch software for spreadsheet tasks.

source: https://www.ifun.de/excel-fuer-mac-keine-verschlimmbesserungen-mehr-221109/

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