Gurman: New iPads Scheduled for Launch in March 2024

Gurman: New iPads Scheduled for Launch in March 2024

According to reliable tech industry analyst, Mark Gurman, Apple is set to release its latest line of iPads in March 2024. This news comes as exciting information for fans of the popular tablet, as the company continues to innovate and improve its product offerings.

New Features and Enhancements

While specific details about the new iPad models are still scarce, Gurman predicts that there will be several notable upgrades and enhancements. One of the most anticipated features is the inclusion of a mini-LED display, which will offer improved brightness, contrast, and color accuracy. This technology has already been implemented in the latest MacBook Pro models, and its integration into iPads will undoubtedly result in a superior visual experience for users.

In addition to the display upgrade, Gurman suggests that the new iPads will feature a more powerful processor, potentially using Apple’s own ARM-based chips. This could result in faster performance and improved multitasking capabilities, making the iPads even more versatile and capable for both work and play.

Furthermore, there are rumors of a redesigned form factor, with thinner bezels and a slimmer profile. This would allow for larger screen sizes without increasing the overall dimensions of the device, providing users with more screen real estate for their multimedia and productivity needs.

Impact on the Tablet Market

The release of new iPads in 2024 is expected to have a significant impact on the tablet market. Apple has long been a leader in this space, and with each new product iteration, they solidify their position as the go-to brand for tablets. The introduction of mini-LED displays and improved processors will only further differentiate their offerings from competitors.

With the ongoing remote work and increased focus on digital learning, tablets have become even more essential for many individuals. The combination of powerful performance, stunning display quality, and the seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem makes the iPads attractive options for not only casual users but also professionals and students.


The news of Apple’s upcoming iPad launch in March 2024 has generated excitement among tech enthusiasts. With the inclusion of mini-LED displays, more powerful processors, and a redesigned form factor, the new iPads are set to offer an enhanced user experience. As a result, Apple is expected to maintain its dominant position in the tablet market and continue to attract consumers who seek superior performance and seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem.


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