Home+ HomeKit app with improved overview and new widgets

HomeKit-App Home+ with Enhanced Overview and New Widgets

HomeKit, Apple’s smart home platform, has gained popularity for its ability to connect and control various smart devices in a seamless and secure manner. To enhance the user experience, developers have been creating HomeKit apps that provide additional features and customization options. One such app is the Home+ app, which offers a comprehensive overview of all the connected devices and introduces new widgets for easier control and management.

A Comprehensive Overview

One of the standout features of the Home+ app is its ability to provide a comprehensive overview of all the connected devices. Instead of having to navigate through multiple screens and menus, users can see all their devices at a glance. This overview includes devices from different categories such as lights, thermostats, cameras, and more, allowing users to quickly check the status of each device and make necessary adjustments.

Additionally, the Home+ app offers a detailed view of each device, providing users with access to specific settings and controls. Whether it’s adjusting the brightness of a light, changing the temperature of a thermostat, or viewing live footage from a camera, all these actions can be done within the app without the need to switch between different manufacturer-specific apps.

New Widgets for Easy Control

Home+ takes advantage of the latest update to iOS, which introduced support for custom widgets on the home screen. With the Home+ app, users can now add widgets that provide quick access to their most frequently used devices and scenes. These widgets can be customized to show specific devices or scenes, making it even easier to control and manage the smart home ecosystem.

For example, a user can create a widget that displays their front door lock, allowing them to lock or unlock the door with just a tap. Another widget could be set up to control the lights in a specific room or activate a scene that adjusts multiple devices simultaneously. These widgets save time and offer a more convenient way of interacting with the smart home.

Enhanced Automation and Scene Creation

The Home+ app also improves the automation capabilities of HomeKit by offering more advanced rule creation options. Users can set up complex automation sequences that involve multiple devices and conditions. For example, a user can create a rule that automatically turns on the lights in the hallway when the front door is opened after sunset.

In addition to automation, the Home+ app makes it easier to create and manage scenes. Scenes are predefined combinations of device settings that can be triggered with a single command. With the Home+ app, users can easily define new scenes, customize the device settings, and activate scenes with just a tap.


The Home+ app enhances the HomeKit experience by providing a comprehensive overview of all connected devices and introducing new widgets for easy control and management. With its ability to display all devices at a glance and provide detailed controls within the app, Home+ offers a seamless and convenient way to interact with the smart home ecosystem. The new widgets make it even easier to access frequently used devices and scenes directly from the home screen. Overall, the Home+ app is a valuable addition for HomeKit users looking to enhance their smart home experience.

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