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Twitter Now Lets You Restrict Replies to Verified Accounts Only

A New Feature to Combat Harassment and Improve Conversations

Twitter’s ongoing battle against online harassment and toxic conversations has taken a step forward with its latest feature. The social media platform has introduced the option to restrict replies to verified accounts only. This move aims to offer users greater control over who can interact with their tweets and reduce the incidence of abuse and harassment.

Verified accounts on Twitter are typically those belonging to public figures, celebrities, journalists, and brands that have undergone a stringent verification process. These accounts feature a blue checkmark badge next to their username, signifying authenticity. Before this update, anyone could reply to a tweet unless the user had chosen to make their account private or had blocked specific individuals. However, this open system also made it easier for trolls and harassers to target individuals, contributing to the toxicity and abuse often associated with the platform.

By limiting replies to verified accounts, Twitter aims to protect users from unwanted interactions and foster more meaningful conversations. Users can now choose to engage exclusively with other verified accounts, creating a safer and more curated environment for dialogue. Verified accounts, by nature, are less likely to engage in abusive behavior as they are attached to identifiable individuals or organizations with reputations to maintain. This feature empowers users to control their Twitter experience and filter out noise, ensuring they engage only with those who have undergone the verification process.

This new feature is available to all Twitter users. When composing a tweet, users can tap on the „Everyone can reply“ option to access the new settings. From there, they can select „Only people I follow“ or „Only people I mention.“ The latter option is particularly useful for inviting select individuals into a conversation without granting access to all followers. By default, the setting is always set to „Everyone,“ preserving the open nature of Twitter conversations that have contributed to its popularity and role in breaking news and public discourse. However, this update grants users the ability to tweak their privacy preferences to suit their needs.

By giving users the option to restrict replies to verified accounts only, Twitter acknowledges the importance of safety and reducing harmful interactions on its platform. This move aligns with the company’s ongoing efforts to combat abusive behavior, which include suspending accounts, implementing stricter policies, and providing tools for users to report violations. It also reflects Twitter’s commitment to improve users‘ overall experience and encourage healthier conversations, facilitating more inclusive and respectful discourse.

In conclusion,

The option to restrict replies to verified accounts only is a significant step for Twitter in combating harassment and enhancing user experience. By prioritizing safety and giving users control over their conversations, Twitter seeks to create a more secure and pleasant platform for users to engage with one another. This feature not only benefits individual users but also public figures, journalists, and brands who can now have more meaningful dialogues and interactions. Twitter’s ongoing commitment to improving its platform fosters an online community built on respect and inclusivity.

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