Leaked Images Reveal Apple’s Unreleased HomePod with Display

Apple’s Unreleased HomePod With a Display Allegedly Shown in Images

Recently leaked images suggest that Apple might be working on a new version of its popular HomePod smart speaker, which includes a built-in display.

In recent years, smart speakers have become a staple in many households, with Apple’s HomePod being one of the most popular choices among consumers. Now, leaked images circulating online suggest that Apple might be working on a new version of their smart speaker, including a built-in display.

Leaked Images

The leaked images, shared on various technology forums and social media platforms, show what appears to be an updated version of the HomePod with a sizeable display on the front. The display appears to be similar in size to the one found on the latest generation of iPads, suggesting that it could be used for various purposes beyond just audio playback.

The images also show a sleek design, similar to the existing HomePod, with a seamless fabric covering and touch-sensitive controls on top of the device. The display is positioned in the center, surrounded by a slim bezel, giving it a modern and elegant look.

While the authenticity of these images is still uncertain, they have spurred excitement among Apple enthusiasts who are eager to see what new features the tech giant has in store.

Potential Features

If the leaked images are indeed accurate, a HomePod with a built-in display could open up a world of possibilities. Here are some potential features that users might expect:

Visual Assistant

With a display, the HomePod could potentially provide visual assistance alongside its voice commands. This could include displaying weather forecasts, calendar appointments, recipe instructions, or even streaming videos.

Enhanced User Interface

A display would allow for a more interactive user interface, making it easier to navigate through settings, browse music libraries, and control other smart devices in the home. Users could enjoy a more seamless and intuitive experience.

Video Calls and Messaging

With a display, the HomePod could also support video calls and messaging services, allowing users to make hands-free calls and even participate in video conferences from anywhere in the room.

Streaming Services

Apple could use the built-in display to promote its own streaming services, such as Apple Music and Apple TV+. Users might be able to browse and stream their favorite shows, movies, and music directly from the HomePod.

Closing Summary

Although the leaked images are yet to be confirmed by Apple, the prospect of a HomePod with a built-in display has generated excitement and anticipation among Apple fans. A display could bring a range of new features and improved functionality to Apple’s smart speaker, enhancing the user experience and making it a more versatile device in the home. As always, only time will tell what Apple has planned for its HomePod lineup.

source: https://www.macrumors.com/2023/10/21/images-show-new-homepod-with-screen/

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