New Apple Pencil: Hands-On Video Shows Hidden USB-C Port

New Apple Pencil: The Hidden USB-C Port

Apple has recently released its new Apple Pencil, which now features a hidden USB-C port. This innovative addition to the popular stylus offers users even more convenience and functionality. A hands-on video has surfaced, showcasing the hidden USB-C port and its capabilities.

The Hidden USB-C Port

The Apple Pencil has long been praised for its precision and ease of use, but the new model takes it a step further by incorporating a hidden USB-C port. The video demonstrates how this port can be used to charge the pencil by connecting it directly to a compatible device.

This new feature eliminates the need for a separate charging cable and makes it more convenient for users to keep their pencil powered up. In addition, the USB-C port allows for faster charging times, ensuring that the pencil is ready to go whenever it’s needed.

Enhanced Functionality

The addition of the USB-C port not only improves convenience but also opens up new possibilities for the Apple Pencil. With the new model, users can now connect the pencil directly to an iPad Pro and use it as a wired stylus. This eliminates any potential lag or latency that may occur when using wireless connectivity.

Furthermore, the USB-C port enables the Apple Pencil to be used as a data transfer tool. Users can quickly and easily transfer files and documents from the pencil to their device, making it an ideal tool for artists, designers, and anyone who frequently works with digital files.


The new Apple Pencil’s hidden USB-C port offers users enhanced convenience and functionality. With the ability to charge directly through a compatible device and the option to use the pencil as a wired stylus and data transfer tool, the new Apple Pencil is an exciting addition to Apple’s product lineup. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or simply someone who enjoys using a stylus with your iPad, the new Apple Pencil is definitely worth considering.


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