Password Manager Dashlane significantly cuts back on its free plan

Password Manager Dashlane drastically cuts back on its free tariff


Dashlane, the popular password manager, has made a significant change to its pricing model. The company has decided to heavily limit the features available in its free tariff, prompting mixed reactions from users. This move aims to encourage more users to upgrade to the paid version of the service. In this article, we will explore the changes made to Dashlane’s free tariff and analyze the potential impacts on its user base.

The Changes to Dashlane’s Free Tariff

Dashlane’s free tariff has always been a popular choice for those looking to manage their passwords without incurring any costs. However, with the recent update, the company has significantly scaled back the features available in the free version. Previously, users could access their passwords on unlimited devices, but the new restrictions only allow access on a single device. Additionally, the free tariff no longer supports synchronization between devices and removes the ability to access passwords on the go via the Dashlane mobile app. These changes have understandably disappointed many users who have come to rely on Dashlane’s free service.

The Motivation Behind the Changes

Dashlane’s decision to limit its free tariff can be attributed to several factors. One of them is the increasing costs associated with providing a high-quality password management service. Dashlane has been investing heavily in developing new features, improving security measures, and providing top-notch customer support. These efforts require a significant financial commitment, prompting the company to reevaluate its pricing strategy.

Another key motivation behind the changes is user behavior. Dashlane’s research has revealed that a considerable portion of its free users rarely upgrade to the paid version. By reducing the functionality of the free tariff, Dashlane hopes to entice more users to subscribe to the premium service, thereby increasing its revenue.

The Implications for Users

For existing users of Dashlane’s free tariff, the changes mean that they will need to consider whether the limited functionality still meets their needs. Those who heavily rely on accessing their passwords across multiple devices will likely find the new restrictions frustrating. However, Dashlane’s decision to limit the free tariff is not without justification. The company needs to generate revenue to continue providing excellent service and to invest in future developments. Users who value the convenience, security, and additional features of Dashlane may find that upgrading to the premium version is a worthwhile investment.


Dashlane’s decision to significantly cut back on its free tariff has undoubtedly sparked mixed reactions among its user base. While some users might be disappointed by the reduced functionality, others understand the importance of this change. Dashlane’s effort to balance offering a free service while generating revenue is crucial for the company’s long-term sustainability and innovation. As the need for secure password management continues to grow, it is likely that more users will recognize the value that Dashlane’s premium service offers and choose to upgrade.

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