Reader Report: App Store no longer accepts payment methods

App Store no longer accepts certain payment methods

Recently, there have been reports from users stating that the App Store is no longer accepting certain payment methods. This has caused frustration among many users who have relied on these payment options to make purchases on the platform.

What payment methods are affected?

At the moment, it seems that the App Store is no longer accepting payments made through PayPal, Google Pay, and certain credit cards. This change has caught many users by surprise, as these payment methods have been widely used and trusted by customers.

Reasons for the change

Apple, the company behind the App Store, has not officially announced the reasons for this change. However, there are speculations that it might be related to security concerns. Apple has always been known for its strict security measures, and it is possible that they have identified certain vulnerabilities or risks associated with these payment methods.

Another possibility is that Apple is looking to promote its own payment system, Apple Pay. By limiting the use of alternative payment methods, Apple may be trying to increase the adoption of Apple Pay among its user base.

The impact on users

For users who have relied on PayPal, Google Pay, or specific credit cards, this change can be quite inconvenient. It means that they will have to find alternative ways to make purchases on the App Store or switch to using Apple Pay. This can be particularly frustrating for users who are not familiar with or do not trust Apple’s payment system.

Furthermore, this change raises concerns about vendor lock-in. By limiting the payment options available, Apple is essentially forcing users to stay within its ecosystem. This can be seen as a tactic to increase customer loyalty and generate more revenue from its own payment system.

What can users do?

If you are among the affected users, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Try using Apple Pay: If you haven’t already, consider giving Apple Pay a try. It might be a convenient and secure payment option once you get familiar with it.
  2. Check for alternative payment methods: Some third-party apps and services offer their own payment options. Explore these alternatives to find one that suits your needs.
  3. Contact Apple Support: If you have any concerns or questions regarding this change, reach out to Apple Support for assistance. They might be able to provide more information or offer solutions to help with your payment issues.


The recent change in the App Store regarding payment methods has caused inconvenience for many users. PayPal, Google Pay, and specific credit cards are no longer accepted, potentially due to security concerns or to promote Apple Pay. Affected users can try using Apple Pay, explore alternative payment methods, or contact Apple Support for assistance. This change raises concerns about vendor lock-in and restricts user choice.


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