Report: Apple Pencil 3 with Magnetic Tips to Be Announced Instead of New iPads

Report: Apple Pencil 3 With Magnetic Tips Likely to Be Announced Instead of New iPads


In recent news, reports suggest that Apple may be gearing up to announce a new version of their popular Apple Pencil. Instead of unveiling new iPads, which is more typical for an Apple event, the focus this time seems to be on an updated Apple Pencil. The rumored Apple Pencil 3 is said to come with magnetic tips, offering an improved user experience for artists, designers, and other creative professionals.

Details About the Apple Pencil 3

According to sources, the Apple Pencil 3 will feature a magnetic design that allows it to attach to the iPads magnetically. This new feature is expected to enhance convenience and portability for users. Currently, Apple Pencil users have to carry the pencil separately, making it easy to misplace or have it roll off a desk. With the magnetic attachment, the pencil will securely stay in place when not in use.

Moreover, the magnetic tips of the Apple Pencil 3 are expected to provide a more intuitive and responsive drawing experience. Users will have the ability to switch between different tip options, bringing versatility and customization to their creative workflow. Whether they prefer a fine-tip for precise details or a broader tip for shading, the magnetic tips will offer a seamless transition between different artistic styles.

Implications for Artists and Designers

For artists and designers, the Apple Pencil 3’s magnetic tips could be a game-changer. The improved attachment mechanism means no more searching for a misplaced pencil or the fear of it falling off a table. This increased convenience and portability will be especially beneficial for those working on the go or in collaborative environments.

The ability to switch between different tip options will also broaden the creative possibilities. Artists can now have the freedom to experiment with different styles and techniques, adapting their tools to suit their artistic vision. This level of customization can help them achieve more precise and intricate details or explore new shading and texturing techniques.


While it’s unusual for Apple to prioritize the announcement of an accessory over new devices, the rumored Apple Pencil 3 with magnetic tips seems to be an exciting and highly anticipated addition to Apple’s product lineup. The convenience, portability, and customization it offers can greatly enhance the creative experience for artists, designers, and other professionals. We eagerly await the official announcement from Apple to learn more about the specifications and availability of the Apple Pencil 3.

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