Samsung Joins Google in Criticizing Apple for Lack of RCS Support

Samsung Joins Google in RCS Shaming Apple

Samsung and Google have joined forces in a stand against Apple’s reluctance to adopt Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging. RCS is the next generation of messaging protocol that aims to replace traditional SMS messages with enhanced features, including read receipts, high-quality media sharing, and typing indicators.

What is RCS?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a protocol that allows for advanced messaging features within the default messaging app on a smartphone. It is intended to replace the outdated SMS messaging system and bring it up to par with modern messaging services like WhatsApp and iMessage.

RCS offers various features that greatly enhance the messaging experience. Some of these features include read receipts, typing indicators, group chats, high-quality media sharing, and even the ability to make payments within the messaging app.

Samsung and Google’s Efforts

While Google has been a strong advocate for RCS for quite some time now, Samsung has recently joined the crusade. The two tech giants have teamed up to create a more unified front against Apple’s lack of RCS support.

Samsung has been actively pushing RCS adoption by including the protocol in its messaging app, Samsung Messages. The company has played a significant role in bringing RCS to Android users, while Google has been developing the backend infrastructure required for RCS support.

Together, Samsung and Google are working to create a seamless RCS experience for Android users. By implementing RCS in their default messaging apps, they are demonstrating their commitment to providing a more advanced and feature-rich messaging service.

The Apple Dilemma

Apple’s stance on RCS has been a disappointment to many in the tech industry. The company has not shown any interest in implementing the protocol in its default messaging app, iMessage.

Apple has a vast user base that relies on iMessage for their messaging needs. However, by not adopting RCS, Apple users are missing out on the advanced features that are becoming standard in the messaging world.

This has led to a growing frustration among Android users, who feel that Apple’s refusal to adopt RCS is hindering the progress of modern messaging.

Samsung and Google Making a Stance

With Samsung now joining Google in the fight for RCS adoption, Apple’s lack of support is being further highlighted. The two companies are pushing for a more inclusive messaging experience that transcends device boundaries, and they hope to encourage Apple to follow suit.

RCS has the potential to revolutionize messaging, offering users a more seamless and feature-rich experience. By uniting, Samsung and Google aim to pressure Apple into adopting RCS and bringing the benefits of the protocol to iPhone users.


Samsung and Google have teamed up in an effort to shame Apple for its reluctance to adopt Rich Communication Services (RCS). RCS is the next generation messaging protocol that offers enhanced features and aims to replace traditional SMS messaging. Samsung and Google are pushing for a more advanced and inclusive messaging experience, with the hope of compelling Apple to adopt RCS and provide iPhone users with the same benefits. The partnership between Samsung and Google is a significant step towards the widespread adoption of RCS, and it highlights the growing frustration among Android users over Apple’s lack of support. It remains to be seen if Apple will cave to the pressure and embrace RCS or continue to resist the inevitable wave of modern messaging.

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