Sleeve 2: Extensively Configurable Music Remote Control for Mac

Sleeve 2: Extensively Configurable Music Remote Control for Mac

Control your Music with Ease

Fully customize your music experience

Are you tired of constantly switching between apps to control your music on your Mac? With Sleeve 2, you can have all the control you need in one place. This extensively configurable music remote control app allows you to customize your music experience like never before.

With Sleeve 2, you can easily control your music playback, adjust volume levels, skip tracks, and even create playlists – all without leaving the current app you’re using. Whether you’re working, browsing the web, or playing games, Sleeve 2 keeps you in control of your music, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted listening experience.

Customize your Remote

Make it your own

One of the standout features of Sleeve 2 is its extensive customization options. You can tailor the remote control interface to your preferences, allowing you to access the features you use the most with just a tap or a swipe.

Choose from a variety of different layouts, themes, and color schemes to create a remote control that matches your personal style. Want to have quick access to your favorite playlists? No problem. Simply add a playlist shortcut to the interface, and you’ll be able to start playing your favorite tunes with a single tap.

Advanced Features for Power Users

Take control to the next level

Sleeve 2 isn’t just for casual music listeners – it’s also packed with advanced features that power users will appreciate. From MIDI support to customizable keyboard shortcuts, Sleeve 2 allows you to take control of your music in ways that go beyond the standard remote control app.

You can set up personalized gestures to perform complex actions such as looping a section of a song or triggering a specific effect. The possibilities are endless, and Sleeve 2 gives you the tools to create a truly unique and personalized music experience.

Sleeve 2 for Mac

Get your groove on

With Sleeve 2, controlling your music on your Mac has never been easier or more customizable. Whether you’re a casual listener or a power user, Sleeve 2 offers the flexibility and convenience you need to enjoy your favorite music without disruption.

So go ahead, get your groove on with Sleeve 2 for Mac. Download it now from the Mac App Store and start customizing your music remote control experience today.


Sleeve 2 is an extensively configurable music remote control app for Mac that allows you to fully customize your music experience. With Sleeve 2, you can easily control playback, adjust volume, skip tracks, and create playlists without having to switch between apps. Its advanced features, such as MIDI support and customizable gestures, take music control to the next level. Download Sleeve 2 from the Mac App Store and start enjoying a personalized music remote control experience today.

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