tado Auto-Assist now costs 4 euros per month

tado Auto-Assist: The Ultimate Smart Home Assistant

Tado, the leading provider of smart home solutions, has recently announced a new addition to their lineup of products and services. The tado Auto-Assist is a subscription-based feature that enhances the functionality of their smart thermostat and air conditioning control systems. For just 4 euros per month, users can unlock a range of advanced features and enjoy a truly intelligent and automated home environment.

What is tado Auto-Assist?

tado Auto-Assist is designed to take your smart home experience to the next level. With this subscription, you can enjoy features that go beyond the basic capabilities of the tado smart thermostat. This innovative add-on provides advanced automation options and intelligent optimizations to help you save energy and increase comfort in your home.

Advanced Features

1. Geolocation Control

With tado Auto-Assist, your smart thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature based on your location. This feature utilizes your smartphone’s GPS to detect when you’re leaving or returning home. When you’re away, tado will set the temperature to an energy-saving level to conserve energy. As soon as you start heading back home, tado will ensure a comfortable temperature is waiting for you upon arrival.

2. Open Window Detection

tado Auto-Assist also includes an open window detection feature. The smart thermostat can recognize when a window is opened and will automatically turn off the heating or cooling to avoid wasting energy. This feature is particularly useful when you’re airing out a room or when someone forgets to close a window.

3. Weather Adaptation

tado Auto-Assist can optimize your heating and cooling based on the current weather conditions. By monitoring weather forecasts and local data, tado can adjust the temperature settings in advance to ensure your home is always at the perfect temperature, no matter what the weather is like outside.

4. Smart Schedule Assistant

With the Smart Schedule Assistant feature, tado Auto-Assist can help you create a personalized heating and cooling schedule that fits your lifestyle. The system analyzes your habits and usage patterns to suggest the most efficient and comfortable temperature settings for each day of the week. This ensures that your home is always at the right temperature when you need it.


tado Auto-Assist is a subscription-based feature that enhances the capabilities of tado’s smart thermostat and air conditioning control systems. For just 4 euros per month, you can unlock advanced features such as geolocation control, open window detection, weather adaptation, and smart schedule assistance. These features bring convenience, energy savings, and increased comfort to your smart home. With tado Auto-Assist, you can truly enjoy a hands-free and intelligent home environment.

source: https://www.iphone-ticker.de/tado-auto-assist-kostet-inzwischen-4-euro-im-monat-223805/

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