Tedee adapts smart motor lock to fit broken keys

Tedee smartens its motor lock after broken keys

Tedee, a Polish smart lock manufacturer, has made improvements to its motor lock after reports that some keys were breaking. The company has updated its design to make the keys more durable and strengthen the lock’s overall security.

The motor lock, which can be controlled via smartphone or voice command, has gained popularity for its convenience and added security features. However, a small number of users reported that their keys were breaking when inserting them into the lock.

Tedee responded quickly to address the issue and conducted an investigation. The company found that the keys were breaking due to a combination of user error and a flaw in the design of the lock cylinder. The lock cylinder is responsible for turning the key and unlocking the door.

Enhanced Durability

To rectify the issue, Tedee has made changes to the design of the lock cylinder, making it more resistant to breaking. The updated cylinder is now made of a more durable material and has been reinforced to withstand the force applied when turning the key.

In addition to the enhanced durability, Tedee has also improved the overall security of the lock. The updated lock cylinder includes advanced anti-picking and anti-bumping mechanisms, providing users with increased peace of mind.

Continued Convenience

Despite the necessary changes to enhance the lock’s durability and security, Tedee has ensured that the convenience of the motor lock remains intact. Users can still control the lock using their smartphones or voice commands, enjoying the ease and flexibility that smart home technology offers.

Tedee has also emphasized the importance of proper key insertion to avoid any issues with the lock. They have provided detailed instructions to users on how to correctly insert and turn the key, ensuring a smooth and reliable user experience.


Tedee has taken swift action to improve the durability and security of its motor lock following reports of broken keys. The updated lock cylinder design, along with enhanced anti-picking and anti-bumping mechanisms, ensures that users can continue to enjoy the convenience and security of the Tedee smart lock. By addressing the issue promptly and providing clear instructions, Tedee demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and product excellence.

source: https://www.iphone-ticker.de/nach-gebrochenen-schluesseln-tedee-passt-smartes-motorschloss-an-223270/

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