The Affordable Apple Watch Series 1: A Vintage Tech Gem

Remember the Lower-Cost Apple Watch Series 1? It’s Vintage Now

When Apple released the Apple Watch Series 1 back in 2016, it was positioned as a more affordable option for those who wanted to experience the Apple Watch ecosystem without breaking the bank. Fast forward to 2022, and the Apple Watch Series 1 has now become somewhat of a vintage device.

The Apple Watch Series 1: A Brief Overview

The Apple Watch Series 1 was the first entry-level model in the Apple Watch lineup. It featured a dual-core S1P chip, a Retina display, heart rate monitoring, and access to a wide range of apps through the watchOS platform. While it lacked some of the advanced features of newer models, such as GPS and waterproofing, it still offered a solid smartwatch experience at a more affordable price point.

What made the Apple Watch Series 1 stand out was its accessibility. For those who were curious about smartwatches but didn’t want to spend a significant amount of money, it provided an entry point into the Apple ecosystem. It allowed users to track their fitness, receive notifications, and interact with their iPhone without having to pull it out of their pocket.

The Vintage Appeal

As time has passed, the Apple Watch Series 1 has gained a certain nostalgic appeal. Tech enthusiasts and collectors alike have started to appreciate the historical significance of the device. Just like vintage smartphones and computers, the Apple Watch Series 1 has become a piece of technology that represents a particular era in the smartwatch industry.

Some users still proudly wear their Apple Watch Series 1 as a symbol of their loyalty to the Apple brand or as a conversation starter. It’s not uncommon to see someone wearing the original Apple Watch while using the latest iPhone. It’s a subtle reminder of how far Apple has come in terms of design and functionality.

The Limitations of the Apple Watch Series 1

While the Apple Watch Series 1 may have its vintage charm, it’s important to note that it does have its limitations compared to newer models. One of the major drawbacks is its lack of support for the latest watchOS updates. As Apple continues to release new versions of their operating system, older models will eventually be left behind.

In addition, the Apple Watch Series 1 doesn’t have built-in GPS, which means users have to rely on their iPhone for accurate location tracking during outdoor activities. It also lacks the water resistance found in newer models, making it less suitable for swimming or other water-based sports.

The Future of the Apple Watch

As we look ahead, it’s clear that the Apple Watch has come a long way since the release of the Series 1. Newer models, such as the Apple Watch Series 7, offer advanced features like ECG monitoring, blood oxygen level tracking, and always-on displays. The Apple Watch has also become an indispensable fitness companion, with features like sleep tracking, workout metrics, and guided breathing exercises.

While the Apple Watch Series 1 may no longer be the go-to option for those looking to buy a new smartwatch, it will always hold a special place in the hearts of early adopters and Apple enthusiasts. Its vintage appeal serves as a reminder of the evolution of the smartwatch industry and how Apple has continued to innovate and push boundaries.


The Apple Watch Series 1, once positioned as an affordable entry into the Apple Watch ecosystem, has now become a vintage device. While it may have limitations compared to newer models and lacks support for the latest watchOS updates, it still holds a special place in the hearts of tech enthusiasts and collectors. The Apple Watch Series 1 represents a particular era in the smartwatch industry and serves as a reminder of Apple’s evolution and innovation in the wearable technology space.


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