VanMoof: Warranty for existing customers falls by the wayside

VanMoof: Warranty for Existing Customers Goes Out the Window

VanMoof, the popular Dutch electric bicycle brand, made headlines recently when it announced changes to its warranty policy that left many existing customers feeling betrayed. The company, known for its sleek and innovative e-bikes, has built a loyal customer base over the years, but this move has left a sour taste in their mouths.

The Changes

Prior to the announcement, VanMoof offered a standard two-year warranty on all its bikes, which was one of the reasons customers chose the brand. However, the new policy reduces the warranty period to just one year for existing customers. New customers, on the other hand, still get the two-year warranty.

This change has caused an uproar among VanMoof’s customer base, with many feeling that the company is prioritizing new customers over loyal ones. Customers have taken to social media and online forums to express their disappointment and frustration.

Customer Backlash

VanMoof’s decision to reduce the warranty period for existing customers has led to a significant backlash. Many customers feel that their loyalty is not being rewarded, and they are being treated unfairly. Some have even threatened to switch to other e-bike brands that offer better warranty terms.

Customers have also expressed concerns about the quality and durability of VanMoof bikes, as a shorter warranty period implies that the company may not have confidence in the longevity of its products. This has further eroded trust in the brand.

Company Response

VanMoof has yet to address the customer backlash directly, but the brand made a statement defending its decision. The company cited increasing costs and the need to remain competitive in a fast-growing market as reasons behind the change in warranty policy. VanMoof claims that offering a shorter warranty period will allow them to invest more in product development and customer service.

However, many customers argue that a shorter warranty does not justify the change, especially for existing customers who have supported the brand for years. They believe that VanMoof should have found alternative solutions to address the increasing costs without penalizing loyal customers.

The Future

It remains to be seen how VanMoof will navigate the fallout from this warranty policy change. The brand’s loyal customer base is a significant asset, and losing their trust could have long-term consequences.

VanMoof needs to reevaluate its approach and find a way to appease existing customers who feel betrayed. Offering some form of compensation or an extended warranty period could help rebuild trust and prevent further customer attrition.


VanMoof’s decision to reduce the warranty period for existing customers has sparked outrage among its loyal customer base. The change has raised concerns about the brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. VanMoof must address these concerns and find a way to regain the trust of its customers to avoid long-term damage to its reputation.


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