watchOS 10: Enduco supports new workout function

watchOS 10: Enduco Supports New Workout Feature


Ever since the release of watchOS 10, Apple Watch users have been enjoying a range of new features and improvements. One of the most notable additions to the operating system is the enhanced workout functionality. With this update, developers have been given the opportunity to create apps that can take advantage of these new features. One such app that has embraced the watchOS 10 update is the popular fitness app „Enduco“. In this article, we will explore how Enduco supports the new workout function in watchOS 10.

What is Enduco?

Enduco is a comprehensive fitness app that caters to athletes of all levels. It provides users with a wide range of features to track and analyze their workouts. Whether you are a runner, cyclist, or engage in any other form of physical activity, Enduco has something for everyone. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, it has become a must-have app for fitness enthusiasts.

Enhanced Workouts with Enduco and watchOS 10

With the release of watchOS 10, Apple introduced new workout types, including the ability to track swimming workouts and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Enduco, being at the forefront of fitness app development, quickly integrated these new workout types into its app. This means that users can now track their swimming sessions accurately and keep a log of their HIIT workouts effortlessly.

In addition to the new workout types, watchOS 10 also introduced enhanced heart rate tracking during workouts. This means that users can now monitor their heart rate more accurately and receive real-time feedback. Enduco has seamlessly integrated this functionality into its app, allowing users to keep a close eye on their heart rate zones and train more effectively.

Another area where Enduco excels is in the analysis of workout data. With watchOS 10, developers were given access to more advanced metrics, such as VO2 max and recovery time. Enduco has made full use of these metrics, providing users with in-depth analysis of their workouts. This allows users to gain valuable insights into their performance and make informed decisions to improve their fitness.

Closing Summary

In conclusion, the integration of the new workout features in watchOS 10 has been a game-changer for fitness apps, and Enduco has certainly taken advantage of it. With precise tracking of swimming workouts, accurate monitoring of heart rate, and detailed analysis of workout data, Enduco provides users with everything they need to achieve their fitness goals. If you are an Apple Watch user looking to take your workout experience to the next level, give Enduco a try, and see the difference it can make in your fitness journey.

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