1&1 to Launch Own Mobile Network from December

1&1 to launch its own mobile network from December

German telecommunications provider 1&1 is set to enter the mobile network market starting from December. The company has partnered with existing network infrastructure providers to create its own mobile network, offering customers a new alternative in the highly competitive German mobile market.

The challenge of entering the mobile network market

Launching a mobile network is no small feat, especially in a market as competitive as Germany. The telecommunications industry is dominated by established players like Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, and Telefonica. However, 1&1 is confident that its entry into the mobile network space will provide customers with new options and drive innovation.

Partnerships to build infrastructure

1&1 has formed strategic partnerships with existing network infrastructure providers to build its mobile network infrastructure. This approach allows 1&1 to leverage the expertise and infrastructure of these partners while focusing on delivering a high-quality network experience to its customers.

Benefits for customers

The launch of 1&1’s own mobile network brings several benefits for customers. Firstly, it introduces more competition into the market, which can lead to better service quality and pricing options. Customers can expect competitive pricing plans, attractive data packages, and improved network coverage.

Additionally, customers will have access to 1&1’s existing services and customer support. This seamless integration between mobile and other 1&1 products, such as internet and hosting, can enhance the overall user experience and provide added convenience.

Focus on customer satisfaction

1&1 aims to differentiate itself in the mobile network market by prioritizing customer satisfaction. The company promises transparent and fair pricing, reliable network performance, and excellent customer service. By putting the customer at the center of its strategy, 1&1 aims to build a loyal customer base.


1&1’s entry into the mobile network market from December promises to bring more competition, better pricing options, and improved network coverage for customers in Germany. With a focus on customer satisfaction, 1&1 aims to establish itself as a reliable and customer-centric player in this highly competitive industry.

source: https://www.iphone-ticker.de/11-ab-dezember-mit-eigenem-mobilfunknetz-225569/

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