Banner After Credit Top-Up: iOS Displays One More Billboard

Banner after credit top-up: iOS displays one more advertisement

Apple has made a controversial decision to include an additional banner advertisement after users top up their credits on iOS. This move has sparked a heated debate among users, with many expressing their dissatisfaction with the new feature.

The new advertising tactic

Previously, when users topped up their credits on iOS, they would receive a simple confirmation message. However, now they are greeted with an additional banner advertisement that takes up valuable screen space. This means that users have to close the advertisement before they can proceed with any other activity on their devices.

For some users, this extra step is not only annoying, but it also interrupts their workflow. Imagine needing to quickly respond to an important email or message, only to be greeted by an unwanted advertisement. This new feature has definitely caused frustration among iOS users.

Apple’s response

Apple has defended its decision by stating that the additional banner advertisement helps to offset the cost of providing credit top-up services. According to Apple, this is a necessary step to ensure the continued availability of these services to all users.

However, critics argue that Apple is already making significant profits from its App Store and other services, and that the inclusion of another advertisement after every credit top-up seems unnecessary and excessive.

User backlash

Since the introduction of the additional banner advertisement, many iOS users have taken to social media to express their frustration and disappointment. Some have even launched online petitions, calling on Apple to remove the extra advertisement.

The main argument against this new feature is that it feels like a violation of the user experience. Users expect a smooth and uninterrupted workflow when using their iOS devices, and this additional advertisement disrupts that experience.

Possible alternatives

If Apple is determined to offset the cost of credit top-up services, there are other ways to do so without negatively impacting the user experience. For example, Apple could negotiate deals with advertisers to display a static banner advertisement at the top or bottom of the screen after credit top-ups.

Another option could be to offer users the choice to opt out of seeing the additional advertisement. This would give users more control over their experience and would likely satisfy those who find the extra step intrusive.


The addition of an extra advertisement after credit top-ups on iOS has caused frustration and backlash among users. While Apple claims that this is necessary to offset the cost of providing credit top-up services, many argue that it is excessive and interrupts the user experience. It remains to be seen whether Apple will reconsider this controversial feature and provide alternative solutions that are more user-friendly.


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