CarPlay for Sygic Truck and Motorhome Navigation – Wirelessly for additional Kia Models

CarPlay for Sygic Truck and Camper Navigation – Wirelessly for More Kia Models


Sygic, the leading provider of offline mapping and navigation solutions, has announced that its truck and camper navigation app now supports CarPlay in select Kia models. This update allows Kia owners to enjoy the convenience of wirelessly connecting their iPhone to their vehicle’s infotainment system and navigating with Sygic’s specialized truck and camper features.

CarPlay and Sygic – A Perfect Combination for Truck and Camper Navigation

CarPlay, Apple’s in-car infotainment system, offers a seamless and intuitive way to use your iPhone while driving. By connecting your iPhone to CarPlay, you can access various apps and features on your vehicle’s display, including maps, music, messaging, and more. With Sygic’s integration, truck and camper owners can now benefit from CarPlay’s functionality while enjoying the specialized features of the Sygic app.

Specialized Features for Trucks and Campers

The Sygic truck and camper navigation app is designed to meet the unique needs of drivers in these specific vehicles. It includes features such as:

  • Customized routing optimized for trucks and campers
  • Information on truck-specific restrictions, such as height and weight limits
  • Points of interest tailored for truckers and campers, such as rest areas and fuel stations with truck access
  • Real-time traffic information to help avoid congestion
  • Offline maps that can be downloaded for use in areas with poor network coverage

Wireless Connectivity for Kia Vehicles

Previously, Kia owners had to connect their iPhone to their vehicle using a cable to access CarPlay. However, with this update, Kia models equipped with the necessary hardware can now connect wirelessly to CarPlay. This means less clutter and hassle in the cabin, allowing drivers to focus more on the road.

Expanding Compatibility to More Kia Models

Initially, this CarPlay integration with Sygic’s truck and camper navigation app is available for select Kia models. However, both Sygic and Kia have expressed their commitment to expanding the compatibility to more Kia vehicles in the future. This move will make the specialized navigation features accessible to a wider range of Kia owners.

Closing Summary

Sygic’s integration with CarPlay brings a new level of convenience and functionality to Kia owners who rely on the Sygic truck and camper navigation app. By offering specialized routing and features for trucks and campers, combined with the seamless wireless connectivity of CarPlay, drivers can navigate with ease and confidence. With the commitment to expand compatibility to more Kia models, even more users will be able to take advantage of this powerful navigation solution. Whether you’re a trucker or a camper, Sygic’s CarPlay integration has got you covered on your next adventure.

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