Congstar doubles data volume – Telekom with affordable HomePods

Congstar doubles data volume – Telekom offers affordable HomePods

German mobile provider Congstar has announced that it will be doubling the data volume for its customers. This move comes as a response to increasing competition in the market and the growing demand for more data. With this new offer, Congstar customers will be able to enjoy double the amount of data for the same price.

More data for the same price

Congstar’s new data offer is available for both new and existing customers. Those who are currently on the 4GB data plan will now receive 8GB of data, while customers on the 8GB plan will now have 16GB. This means that customers can browse the internet, stream videos, and use social media without having to worry about running out of data.

A response to increased competition

The mobile market in Germany has become increasingly competitive in recent years. With the entrance of new players and the expansion of existing providers, customers now have more choices than ever before. As a result, companies like Congstar are looking for ways to stand out from the competition and attract new customers.

By doubling the data volume, Congstar is offering a compelling reason for customers to choose their service over others. This move is likely to appeal to heavy data users who rely on their mobile devices for entertainment, work, and communication.

Telekom’s HomePod offer

In addition to Congstar’s data offer, parent company Telekom is also making headlines with its affordable HomePod deal. The HomePod, a smart speaker developed by Apple, has gained popularity in recent years for its impressive sound quality and smart home capabilities.

Telekom is now offering the HomePod at a discounted price, making it more accessible to a wider range of customers. This deal is likely to attract tech-savvy consumers who are interested in upgrading their home entertainment system.


Congstar’s decision to double the data volume for its customers is a smart move to stay competitive in the mobile market. With the increasing demand for more data, this offer is likely to appeal to heavy data users who rely on their mobile devices for various activities. Additionally, Telekom’s affordable HomePod deal provides customers with a great opportunity to upgrade their home entertainment system. These promotions demonstrate the companies‘ commitment to offering value and attracting new customers.


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