Deezer Music Streaming Service: Price Increase Following Redesign

Deezer Music Streaming Service: Redesign followed by Price Increase


Deezer, the popular music streaming service, has recently undergone a redesign of its platform. The new look and features have been well-received by users. However, along with the redesign comes a price increase for the service’s premium subscription plan. This has sparked a debate among customers and industry experts.

The Redesign

The redesign of Deezer’s platform aims to provide a better user experience and make it more intuitive and visually appealing. The interface has been streamlined, making it easier for users to navigate and discover new music. Several new features have been added, including personalized playlists, recommendations based on listening habits, and a revamped search function.

Deezer has also focused on improving the audio quality of its streaming service. Users can now enjoy high-definition sound with their subscription, providing a more immersive listening experience. The company has partnered with renowned audio experts to ensure that the quality of the music is top-notch.

The Price Increase

Despite the positive changes brought about by the redesign, Deezer has announced a price increase for its premium subscription plan. This has led to mixed reactions from users who feel that they are being asked to pay more for the same service.

Previously, Deezer’s premium subscription plan cost $9.99 per month. With the price increase, it will now be $12.99 per month. The company claims that the price hike is necessary to support the platform’s continued growth and to invest in new features and exclusive content for its users.

However, many users are not convinced by this explanation. They argue that the price increase comes at a time when competitors like Spotify and Apple Music are offering similar services at lower prices. Some users have even threatened to switch to these competing services if Deezer does not reconsider its decision.

Industry Perspective

Industry experts have weighed in on the debate surrounding Deezer’s price increase. Some argue that it is a necessary move for the company to remain competitive and sustain its growth. They believe that the new features and improved audio quality justify the higher price tag.

Others, however, question the timing of the price increase. They argue that Deezer should have focused on building a larger user base first before charging more for its services. They also point out that the music streaming market is highly competitive, and customers have plenty of options to choose from. In such a market, price plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers.

Closing Thoughts

The redesign of Deezer’s music streaming service has undoubtedly brought positive changes to the platform. The improved user experience and audio quality provide a compelling reason for users to continue using the service. However, the price increase for the premium subscription plan has generated some backlash from customers.

It remains to be seen how Deezer will respond to the criticism and whether it will reconsider its decision. In the highly competitive music streaming industry, customer satisfaction and value for money are essential factors. Deezer will need to strike a balance between offering a premium service and pricing it attractively to retain its users and attract new ones.


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