Favorites in Apple Music: Stars are more powerful than hearts

Apple Music Favorites: Stars are more powerful than hearts


Apple Music is one of the leading music streaming platforms in the world, offering a vast library of songs, albums, and playlists to its users. One of the key features of Apple Music is the ability to mark songs, albums, and playlists as favorites. However, there is an interesting distinction between using stars and hearts as favorites on Apple Music.

Stars vs. Hearts

When it comes to marking songs as favorites on Apple Music, there are two options: stars and hearts. The star icon has been present since the early days of Apple’s music service, while the heart icon was introduced later as a replacement for stars. Both icons serve the same purpose of indicating a user’s favorite tracks, but there is a subtle difference.

Stars: The Classic Favorite

The star icon is the classic way of marking a song as a favorite on Apple Music. It allows users to easily identify their preferred tracks and create playlists based on their star ratings. When a song is starred, it is added to the user’s „Starred“ playlist, making it easily accessible for future listening.

Hearts: The Powerful Favorite

The heart icon, on the other hand, represents a more powerful form of favoriting a song on Apple Music. When a user marks a song with a heart, it not only adds the song to their „Liked Songs“ playlist but also significantly affects the personalized recommendations they receive from Apple Music. The algorithms take into account the number of hearts a song has received to curate better suggestions tailored to the user’s taste.

Why Stars Are Fading Away

With the introduction of hearts as a more influential way of favoriting songs, stars have slowly faded into the background. Apple Music’s recommendation system heavily relies on the hearts users give to songs, making it the preferred method for avid music lovers looking for personalized recommendations.

While stars still serve their purpose of creating customized playlists, they no longer carry the same weight as hearts in terms of influencing Apple Music’s algorithms. Users who are keen on discovering new music and receiving tailored suggestions tend to use hearts more frequently.


Apple Music’s favorites feature provides users with the ability to mark songs, albums, and playlists as their favorites. While both stars and hearts can be used for this purpose, hearts hold more power in terms of influencing Apple Music’s recommendation system. Users who are looking for personalized recommendations and better-curated playlists often prefer using hearts over stars. As a result, stars have slowly faded into the background, making hearts the go-to choice for avid Apple Music users.

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