Powerbank: At least one should also be able to provide jump-start assistance

Powerbank: At least one should be able to provide jump start


Powerbanks have become an essential accessory for our modern lives. With our increasing reliance on smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices, having a portable source of power has become a necessity. While most powerbanks are designed to charge our devices on the go, there are some advanced models that can even provide jump start to our vehicles. This article explores the concept of a powerbank that can also be used for jump starting a car.

The concept of a jump start powerbank

Imagine you are in the middle of nowhere, your car’s battery dies, and there’s no one around to help you jump start it. This is where a jump start powerbank comes in handy. These powerbanks are designed with a high current output, capable of providing the necessary boost to start your car’s engine. They often come with additional features such as built-in LED flashlights, safety protection mechanisms, and USB ports for charging your devices.

How does it work?

Jump start powerbanks typically come with jumper cables that can be attached to the battery terminals of your car. Once connected, the powerbank transfers power to the car’s battery, providing the necessary energy to start the engine. Some advanced models also come with smart charging technology, which automatically detects the voltage and adjusts the output accordingly.

Benefits of a jump start powerbank

Having a jump start powerbank in your car can provide you with peace of mind. Here are some benefits of owning one:

1. Portability: Jump start powerbanks are compact and portable, making them easy to carry around in your car or backpack.

2. Convenience: When your car’s battery dies, you don’t need to rely on another vehicle or wait for roadside assistance. With a jump start powerbank, you can quickly get back on the road.

3. Versatility: Jump start powerbanks not only provide jump start capabilities but also serve as regular powerbanks for charging your devices on the go.

Top jump start powerbanks

1. NEXPOW Car Battery Starter: This jump start powerbank is compatible with most 12V gasoline engines and can start a car up to 30 times on a single charge. It also features a built-in LED flashlight and dual USB ports for charging your devices. Available on Amazon [link]

2. Tacklife T8 MAX Jump Starter: With a peak current of 1000A, this powerbank can jump-start a 12V vehicle up to 30 times on a single charge. It also comes with a built-in compass and an LCD screen that displays the remaining battery power. Available on Amazon [link]


A jump start powerbank is a versatile accessory that should be a part of every car owner’s emergency kit. Not only does it provide the convenience of jump-starting your vehicle on your own, but it also doubles as a regular powerbank for charging your devices. With its compact size and powerful performance, a jump start powerbank is a must-have for any road trip or emergency situation.
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