Rainfall Radar: Drops launches in a new design

Niederschlags-Radar: Drops Launches in a New Design

New Look for Drops‘ Rainfall Radar


The popular weather app Drops has recently launched a new design for its Niederschlags-Radar (Rainfall Radar) feature. With this update, users can now enjoy a fresh and visually appealing interface while tracking rain in their area. This article will explore the changes implemented in Drops‘ Niederschlags-Radar and how it enhances the overall user experience.

What is Drops‘ Niederschlags-Radar?

Drops‘ Niederschlags-Radar is a real-time rain tracking tool that allows users to monitor rainfall patterns in their vicinity. By utilizing data from various meteorological sources, such as weather stations and satellites, Drops provides accurate and up-to-date information on rain intensity, movement, and duration.

The Redesigned Interface

The latest update brings a significant visual makeover to Drops‘ Niederschlags-Radar. The radar map now features a sleek and modern design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to understand. Users can easily navigate through the different zoom levels and smoothly pan across the map to view rainfall in specific areas.

New Features and Enhancements

In addition to the fresh look, Drops has introduced new features and enhancements to its Niederschlags-Radar. These include:

1. Animated Radar: The new radar map animation provides a more dynamic representation of rain movement. Users can witness rain cells forming, moving, and dissipating in real-time, giving them a better understanding of the weather patterns in their region.

2. Hourly Rain Forecast: Drops‘ Niederschlags-Radar now includes an hourly rain forecast, allowing users to plan their activities accordingly. Whether it’s deciding to go for a jog or organizing an outdoor event, users can stay informed about the expected rainfall throughout the day.

3. Intensity Color Legend: To make it easier to interpret rainfall intensity, the redesigned interface includes a color legend. Users can quickly identify light rain, moderate showers, or heavy downpours based on the color scheme displayed on the radar map.

4. Improved Accuracy: Drops has also made efforts to improve the accuracy of its Niederschlags-Radar data. By incorporating detailed weather data from trusted sources, the app aims to provide users with the most reliable information about rain conditions in their area.


The new design of Drops‘ Niederschlags-Radar brings a refreshing and modern look to the popular weather app. With its animated radar, hourly rain forecast, and improved accuracy, users can now stay ahead of the weather and plan their activities accordingly. Whether you need to know if it will rain during your outdoor exercise or if you should bring an umbrella for a picnic, Drops‘ Niederschlags-Radar has got you covered. So, download the app today and experience the upgraded rain tracking features for yourself!


Drops, the popular weather app, has launched a new design for its Niederschlags-Radar (Rainfall Radar) feature. The redesigned interface features a sleek and modern look, making it easier for users to track rain patterns in their area. The update also introduces new features including an animated radar, hourly rain forecast, and improved accuracy. With these enhancements, Drops‘ Niedershlags-Radar provides users with a visually appealing and reliable tool for staying ahead of the weather. Download the app today and experience the upgraded rain tracking features for yourself.
source: https://www.iphone-ticker.de/niederschlags-radar-drops-startet-in-neuem-design-225115/

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