Smart OS 1.3.0 Introduces CarPlay Support for New Vehicle Models

Smart OS 1.3.0 brings CarPlay support for new vehicle models


Smart OS, the operating system developed by Smart Car Technologies, has recently released its latest update, version 1.3.0. One of the key features introduced in this update is the support for CarPlay in newer vehicle models. This exciting integration will enhance the in-car experience for Smart Car owners, allowing them to seamlessly connect their Apple devices and access a wide range of apps and features while on the go.

CarPlay Integration

CarPlay is Apple’s software platform that enables iPhone users to connect their devices to their vehicles and access various apps and functionality through the car’s infotainment system. By integrating CarPlay into Smart OS 1.3.0, Smart Car Technologies aims to provide its customers with a more convenient and intuitive way to interact with their iPhones while driving.

With CarPlay support, Smart Car owners will be able to use their vehicle’s touchscreen, knobs, or voice commands to access Apple Maps for navigation, make hands-free phone calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music or podcasts from their iPhone’s library or streaming services such as Apple Music or Spotify. The interface is designed to be user-friendly and optimized for use while on the road, ensuring minimal distractions and a safer driving experience.


Smart OS 1.3.0 adds CarPlay support for a range of new vehicle models. While the exact list of compatible models may vary, Smart Car Technologies has ensured that the integration is available in their latest lineup of cars. Customers interested in exploring CarPlay functionality can check with their local Smart Car dealership for detailed information on compatibility and availability.

Benefits of CarPlay

The addition of CarPlay support brings several benefits to Smart Car owners. First and foremost, it allows for seamless integration between their iPhone and the vehicle’s infotainment system. This means that users can continue to enjoy their favorite apps and features, all within an interface that is familiar and optimized for their driving needs.

CarPlay also promotes safer driving by minimizing distractions. With voice commands and intuitive controls, users can keep their eyes on the road while still accessing important information and services. Whether it’s getting turn-by-turn directions, responding to messages, or switching between music playlists, CarPlay simplifies these tasks, enabling drivers to focus on what matters most – the road ahead.


Smart OS 1.3.0’s introduction of CarPlay support for newer vehicle models demonstrates Smart Car Technologies‘ commitment to enhancing the driving experience for their customers. With this integration, Smart Car owners can now seamlessly connect their iPhones to their vehicles and enjoy a range of apps and features through the CarPlay interface. Not only does this add convenience and functionality, but it also promotes safer driving by minimizing distractions. Smart Car Technologies continues to innovate and deliver solutions that integrate seamlessly with the latest technologies, ensuring that their customers stay connected and entertained while on the road.

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