Testing the eufy Floodlight Cam E340: 360-Degree Detection and Bright Light

Eufy Floodlight Cam E340: Tried and Tested – 360-Degree Detection and Bright Light

Eufy, a smart home security brand, has launched its latest product, the Floodlight Cam E340. This floodlight camera promises to provide advanced security features such as 360-degree detection and bright lighting. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Eufy Floodlight Cam E340 and see if it truly lives up to its promises.

360-Degree Detection

The standout feature of the Eufy Floodlight Cam E340 is its 360-degree detection capability. Unlike traditional security cameras that only cover a limited field of view, the E340 ensures that no corner of your property will go unnoticed. With its advanced motion sensors, it can detect movement from any direction and send instant alerts to your smartphone.

This wide coverage is especially useful for those with larger outdoor areas or property boundaries that need constant monitoring. Whether it’s a person lurking around or a stray animal, the E340 will capture it all. This allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your premises are well-protected.

Bright Light

In addition to its exceptional detection capabilities, the Eufy Floodlight Cam E340 also features a powerful LED floodlight. With 2400 lumens of brightness, it can illuminate even the darkest corners of your outdoor space. This bright light serves multiple purposes.

Firstly, it acts as a deterrent for potential intruders. The sudden flood of light can startle them and make them think twice about proceeding any further. Secondly, it enhances the quality of captured videos during nighttime surveillance. With a well-lit area, the camera can capture clear and detailed footage, providing valuable evidence if required.

Installation and App Integration

The Eufy Floodlight Cam E340 is designed for easy installation. It can be directly mounted on a wall or any other suitable surface without the need for complicated wiring. Additionally, it connects to your existing Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control and monitor it through the Eufy Security app.

The Eufy Security app provides a user-friendly interface where you can customize your security settings, receive real-time notifications, and view recorded footage. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, making it convenient for users regardless of their preferred platform.


The Eufy Floodlight Cam E340 offers comprehensive security features with its 360-degree detection capability and bright LED floodlight. Its advanced motion sensors ensure that no movement goes unnoticed, providing peace of mind to homeowners. The powerful floodlight acts as a deterrent and improves the quality of captured footage. With easy installation and seamless app integration, the E340 is a reliable and user-friendly option for those looking to enhance their outdoor security.

source: https://www.iphone-ticker.de/eufy-floodlight-camera-e340-ausprobiert-360-grad-erfassung-und-helles-licht-225276/

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