WhatsApp enables email address verification

WhatsApp enables verification using an email address


WhatsApp, the popular messaging app used by billions of people worldwide, is introducing a new feature that allows users to verify their accounts using an email address. This feature aims to provide an additional layer of security and convenience for users.

How does it work?

To enable this feature, users can go to the WhatsApp settings and choose the „Account“ option. From there, they can select the „Two-step verification“ option and follow the instructions to set it up. Once the two-step verification is enabled, users will have the option to provide an email address that will be used for verification purposes.

Why is this important?

Verifying an account using an email address adds an extra level of security to WhatsApp. In case users forget their PIN or need to reset their account, they can use the registered email address to regain access. This feature also prevents unauthorized access to accounts, as it requires both the PIN and the email address to be provided.

Benefits of email verification

Improved account security

By linking an email address to their WhatsApp account, users can ensure that they have a way to recover their account in case of any issues. This adds an extra layer of protection and gives users peace of mind knowing that their account is secure.

Ease of account recovery

In situations where users forget their PIN or lose access to their device, having a verified email address makes it easier to regain access to their WhatsApp account. They can simply request a verification code to be sent to their registered email address and use it to reset their account.

Preventing unauthorized access

Email verification helps prevent unauthorized access to WhatsApp accounts. Even if someone manages to obtain the account PIN, they would still need access to the registered email address to gain control of the account. This added security measure reduces the risk of hacking and protects user privacy.

Closing Summary

WhatsApp’s new feature allowing verification using an email address is a significant step towards enhancing account security and providing a convenient way for users to recover their accounts. By linking their WhatsApp accounts to their email addresses, users can ensure that their accounts are well-protected and accessible even in case of unforeseen circumstances. This additional layer of security is much needed in today’s digital world, where privacy and account safety are of utmost importance.
source: https://www.iphone-ticker.de/whatsapp-ermoeglicht-verifizierung-mithilfe-einer-e-mail-adresse-225380/

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