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Introducing the Random App – An Innovative Way to Generate Ideas!

Have you ever felt stuck for ideas when it comes to apps? Well, now there’s an app for that! Introducing the Random App, the new and innovative way to generate app ideas!

Random App is an app that uses randomization to generate creative and unique ideas for apps. This app helps you brainstorm ideas quickly, without any of the frustration that comes with thinking up ideas.

How Does Random App Work?

The Random App randomly generates app ideas by selecting different components, such as user interface elements, features, and functions. The app then combines all of these components to create a unique, creative, and potentially successful app idea.

iOS Code Drafts for the Random App

To get started, we’ll begin with the code drafts for the iOS version of the Random App. First, we’ll need to create a class to represent the user interface elements.

class UIElement {
  var name: String
  var type: UIElementType
  init(name: String, type: UIElementType) { = name
    self.type = type

enum UIElementType {
  case button
  case label
  case textField
  case image
  case tableView
  case collectionView

Next, we’ll create a class to represent the app idea. This class will contain an array of UIElements, as well as a list of features and functions.

class AppIdea {
  var uiElements: [UIElement]
  var features: [String]
  var functions: [String]
  init(uiElements: [UIElement], features: [String], functions: [String]) {
    self.uiElements = uiElements
    self.features = features
    self.functions = functions

Finally, we’ll create a class to generate the app ideas. This class will contain a list of all of the possible UIElements, as well as a method to randomly generate an AppIdea.

class AppIdeaGenerator {
  var uiElements: [UIElement]
  init(uiElements: [UIElement]) {
    self.uiElements = uiElements
  func generateAppIdea() -> AppIdea {
    var uiElements = [UIElement]()
    //randomly select UIElements
    let features = ["Feature1", "Feature2", "Feature3"]
    let functions = ["Function1", "Function2", "Function3"]
    return AppIdea(uiElements: uiElements, features: features, functions: functions)


The Random App consists of a mobile application and a back-end server. The mobile application is written in Swift and handles the user interface, user input, and generating the AppIdea objects. The back-end server provides the data needed to generate the AppIdea objects, such as the list of UIElements and the list of features and functions.


The Random App is a great way to quickly generate creative and unique app ideas. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful back-end server, the Random App is sure to be a success!

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