iOS Dev Weekly – Issue 638 – December 1st, 2023

iOS Dev Weekly – Issue 638 – Dec 1st 2023


Welcome to the iOS Dev Weekly Issue 638, bringing you the latest and greatest news and updates from the world of iOS development. In this issue, we’ll cover a variety of topics, including new tools and libraries, updates to popular frameworks, and interesting tutorials to help you enhance your iOS skills. So, let’s jump right in!


1. Xcode 14 Beta 3 Released

The Xcode 14 Beta 3 has been released, bringing with it a host of bug fixes and improvements. This release includes enhancements to SwiftUI, the Swift compiler, and Xcode’s debugging capabilities. If you’re an iOS developer, now is a great time to check out the latest beta and see what new features and improvements are in store.

2. Swift Package Manager Adds Support for Resources

Swift Package Manager now supports resources in packages, making it easier to include assets such as images, fonts, and localization files in your Swift packages. This is a welcomed addition for developers who rely on Swift Package Manager for their dependency management. It simplifies the process of including resources in your projects and ensures a smoother development experience.

Tools and Libraries

1. DeepDiff: A Powerful Diffing Framework for Swift

DeepDiff is a powerful diffing framework for Swift that allows you to easily compare and find differences between collections of values. It provides a simple and efficient way to determine what has changed between two collections, making it useful for tasks like updating UI elements based on changed data.

2. Apollo iOS: A GraphQL Client for Swift

Apollo iOS is a GraphQL client for Swift that makes it easy to work with GraphQL APIs in your iOS apps. It generates strongly-typed Swift code based on your GraphQL schema, reducing the chance of runtime errors and providing autocomplete and type safety when working with your API. If you’re using GraphQL in your app, Apollo iOS is definitely worth a look.


1. Building a Custom Slide-Out Menu in SwiftUI

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a custom slide-out menu in SwiftUI. Slide-out menus are a popular feature in many iOS apps, and this tutorial will guide you through the process of creating one from scratch. You’ll learn how to implement gestures, animations, and layout techniques to achieve a professional and polished user interface.

2. Testing View Controllers in Swift

Unit testing view controllers is an essential part of iOS app development. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to write unit tests for view controllers in Swift. You’ll explore techniques for mocking dependencies, working with view controller lifecycle methods, and asserting expected behaviors. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll have a solid foundation for testing your view controllers and ensuring the quality of your app.

Closing Summary

That concludes Issue 638 of the iOS Dev Weekly. We hope you found the news, tools, and tutorials covered in this issue valuable for your iOS development journey. Remember to stay updated with the latest releases and trends in the iOS ecosystem to keep your skills sharp and your apps up to date. Happy coding!

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