iOS Dev Weekly: Issue 641 – December 29th, 2023

iOS Dev Weekly – Issue 641 – Dec 29th 2023


This week in iOS development, we take a look at some exciting new updates and releases in the Apple ecosystem. From new features in Xcode 15.2 to the latest advancements in Swift UI, there’s plenty to explore. Additionally, we highlight some useful tools and libraries that can enhance your iOS development workflow. Let’s dive in!

Xcode 15.2: What’s New?

Introducing Xcode Cloud

Xcode 15.2 brings a game-changing feature called Xcode Cloud, which is now available in beta. This cloud-based service allows developers to seamlessly build, test, and deliver their apps using Apple’s infrastructure. With Xcode Cloud, you can take advantage of distributed builds, parallel testing, and automatic submission to the App Store. This feature greatly simplifies and speeds up the app development and deployment process.

Swift Package Collections

Xcode 15.2 introduces Swift Package Collections, making it easier for developers to discover and share Swift packages. With this new feature, you can create collections of packages that fit specific use cases or themes and share them with the community. This enhances collaboration and simplifies the process of finding and incorporating dependencies into your projects.

Improved Test Plans

In Xcode 15.2, Apple has made enhancements to Test Plans, allowing developers to define, manage, and run tests more efficiently. The updated Test Plans feature provides improved visibility into test results, making it easier to diagnose issues and track progress. This helps ensure the quality and stability of your iOS apps.

Swift UI Updates

Redesigned Inspector

Swift UI in Xcode 15.2 introduces a redesigned Inspector, which provides a more intuitive and efficient way to customize your app’s interface. With the new Inspector, you can easily modify properties, such as color, font, and alignment, and see the changes in real-time. This makes it faster and easier to fine-tune your app’s UI and create a polished user experience.

Focused Binding

A new SwiftUI feature called Focused Binding has been introduced in Xcode 15.2. This feature allows you to manage the focused state of controls, making it easier to handle keyboard interactions and improve accessibility. With Focused Binding, you can respond to user input more effectively and create a more seamless user experience.

Useful Tools and Libraries

Felix: Automated UI Testing

Felix is a new tool that automates UI testing for iOS apps. It leverages the XCTest framework and uses machine learning to generate test cases, making it easier to detect UI issues and bugs. With Felix, you can enhance your app’s test coverage and ensure a consistently high level of quality.

Composable Architecture

Composable Architecture is a powerful library for building SwiftUI applications in a modular and scalable way. It provides a clear separation of concerns, making it easier to reason about complex app architectures. With Composable Architecture, you can create reusable components and easily test your SwiftUI views and logic.


SwiftLint is a widely used tool for enforcing Swift style and conventions in codebases. It helps maintain code quality and consistency by identifying and suggesting fixes for potential issues. SwiftLint integrates seamlessly with Xcode and can be easily integrated into your build process.


In this week’s iOS Dev Weekly, we explored the exciting new features and updates in the Apple ecosystem. Xcode 15.2 introduced Xcode Cloud, Swift Package Collections, and improved Test Plans, simplifying and enhancing the app development process. Swift UI additions, including the redesigned Inspector and Focused Binding, make it easier than ever to create stunning user interfaces. Additionally, we highlighted some useful tools and libraries like Felix for automated UI testing, Composable Architecture for modular app design, and SwiftLint for code style enforcement. Stay tuned for more news and updates in the world of iOS development.

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