StoreKit and Review Guideline Update: What You Need to Know

StoreKit and Review Guideline Update

Apple has recently made some important updates to its StoreKit and Review Guidelines, which are designed to improve the app purchasing experience for both developers and users. These updates aim to create a fair and transparent environment for app developers and ensure that users have the best possible experience with app purchases.

What is StoreKit?

StoreKit is a framework provided by Apple that allows developers to handle in-app purchases and subscriptions within their apps. It provides an easy and secure way for users to purchase digital content, subscriptions, and other services directly from within the app.

With the latest updates to StoreKit, Apple has added new features and enhancements that make it easier for developers to implement and manage in-app purchases. Developers can now offer different tiers of subscriptions, such as basic and premium, and provide introductory pricing or promotions to attract and retain users.

Review Guidelines

The Review Guidelines are a set of rules and requirements that developers must adhere to when submitting their apps to the App Store. These guidelines ensure that apps are safe, reliable, and provide a good user experience.

Apple has updated the Review Guidelines to provide more clarity to developers and to address some of the common issues that often lead to app rejections. Some of the key changes include:

1. App Ratings

Apple is now requiring all new app submissions and app updates to include app ratings. This means that developers must implement the App Store API to show age-appropriate content and allow users to set parental controls. This will help users make informed decisions about the content they download and use.

2. User Privacy

Privacy has always been a priority for Apple, and the updated guidelines reinforce this commitment. Developers are now required to provide a clear explanation of how users‘ data is collected, used, and shared. Additionally, apps that use third-party services for analytics or advertising must obtain user consent before collecting any data.

3. Scams and Fraud

Apple has strengthened the guidelines related to scams and fraud to protect users from deceptive practices. Developers are now prohibited from creating apps that mimic other popular apps, mislead users with false information, or engage in any fraudulent activity.

4. Functionality and Performance

Apple wants to ensure that apps meet a certain level of functionality and performance. Apps that are not fully functional, have broken links, or have a poor user experience will be rejected. Developers are encouraged to thoroughly test their apps and address any issues before submitting them to the App Store.


Apple’s recent updates to StoreKit and the Review Guidelines are aimed at improving the overall app purchasing experience for developers and users. The updates to StoreKit provide more flexibility for developers to offer different subscription tiers and promotional pricing, while the changes to the Review Guidelines ensure that apps meet a certain level of quality, privacy, and user experience.

Developers should review the updated guidelines carefully to ensure that their apps comply with the new requirements. By following these guidelines, developers can create successful apps that provide a great user experience and meet Apple’s high standards.


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