Affinity Apps Updated for Photo, Designer, and Publisher

# Affinity Apps Unveil Major Update: Version 2.4 Now Available

In the constantly evolving digital creative space, Affinity’s suite of applications for photo editing, graphic design, and publishing continues to set high standards. The latest release, version 2.4, has just rolled out for iPad and Mac users, bringing a plethora of updates and enhancements to the fore. Best of all, these updates come at no additional cost to existing users who have previously purchased these applications.

## A Creative Suite With Magnificent Enhancements

One of the standout features of this update is the significant enhancement in Affinity Photo, the suite’s photo editing app. It now boasts expanded compatibility with over 50 new camera models, incorporating major brands such as Sony, Panasonic, and Nikon. Highlight models include the Nikon–Z8, Nikon–Z30, and Nikon–Zf, marking a significant step forward in ensuring photographers can work seamlessly with their files in Affinity Photo.

Further enriching the creative toolkit, Affinity Photo has also stepped up its game in understanding the HDR standard, providing creators with more versatility in handling high dynamic range content.

## Beyond Photo Editing: Designer and Publisher Updates

Affinity’s commitment to providing a comprehensive creative suite extends beyond photo editing. Affinity Designer, the vector graphic application, and Affinity Publisher, the layout tool, have also received significant updates in version 2.4.

Highlights for Affinity Designer users include the ability to export content in DWG and DXF formats. This development is a game-changer for professionals who work across a variety of platforms, including CAD applications, allowing for smoother integration and sharing of designs created in Affinity Designer.

Meanwhile, Affinity Publisher introduces a new Status Panel designed to streamline project management by eliminating the need to toggle layer visibility when working with multiple ArtBoards or double-page spreads. This is a significant quality-of-life improvement for users, making the design process more efficient and intuitive.

## Enhanced Purchase Options and Universal License

Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher are available for individual purchase on iPad or Mac. However, the introduction of the Affinity Universal License offers an enticing package deal, allowing users to access the entire suite across all supported platforms without the need for additional subscriptions or in-app purchases.

## Embracing Version 2.4

For current users and prospective buyers, the transition to version 2.4 of the Affinity suite represents a leap forward in creative potential. With enhanced camera compatibility, expanded export options, and improvements in project management, these updates align with Affinity’s mission to provide powerful, user-friendly software that meets the needs of creative professionals across disciplines.

To explore the full scope of updates in version 2.4, users can access the complete changelog provided by Affinity. This major update underscores Affinity’s dedication to refining and expanding its software, ensuring that the Affinity suite remains at the forefront of creative applications available on the market today. Whether you’re editing photos, designing graphics, or laying out publications, Affinity’s latest update enriches the toolkit of creative professionals and enthusiasts alike.

For those interested in diving into the Affinity universe or existing users looking to maximize their software’s potential, version 2.4 undeniably amplifies the creative possibilities.

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