Ancillary cost privilege falls: Sky launches competition to and Zattoo

**Sky Challenges and Zattoo with New TV Service as Subsidized Cable Ends**

In recent weeks, the anticipated removal of the so-called utility cost privilege in Germany has stirred up considerable anxiety among television providers. Starting July 1st, tenants will gain the right to choose their own TV reception method independently, signaling the end of landlords‘ ability to roll out a flat-rate cable contract across all tenants in a building. It’s no stretch to predict that this change will lead many to abandon their comparatively pricey cable subscriptions in search of more affordable alternatives.

Enter IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) services, such as Zattoo and, which look to benefit significantly from this legislative adjustment. These offerings often come at a fraction of the cost of traditional cable fees billed through landlords and often boast not only a broader content selection but also features like online video recorders.

Providers, previously thriving under what critics have labeled as „forced offerings“, find themselves in a race against time to prevent a potential mass exodus of paying customers by enhancing their own services. This includes, importantly, the expansion of their own IPTV packages as an alternative to conventional cable TV offerings. Vodafone, Germany’s leading cable provider, has long favored the internet as its preferred medium, while Telekom has shifted its focus towards streaming services.

### Sky TV Aims to Attract Subscribers

Sky has now introduced SkyTV, an IPTV package positioning itself as a modern alternative to cable television. For a monthly fee of €10, users gain access to a selection of free-to-air channels in HD quality along with a few complimentary Sky offerings, such as Sky Sport News HD.

The primary goal of Sky TV is to encourage further subscriptions. For instance, for an additional €5 per month, customers can add Sky Entertainment and ad-supported Netflix to their package.

However, it’s important to note that these introductory prices are applicable only with an annual contract and apply solely for the first year. Afterwards, the monthly fee for Sky TV increases to €15, and the expanded package goes up to €23.50 per month.

### Amazon Prime Video Joins the Live TV Arena

Amid these developments, Amazon has been relatively quiet. Yet, Prime Video subscribers should be aware that they also have access to live TV. This includes an array of public and niche channels, adding another contender to the mix for those contemplating their post-cable options.

As the subsidization of cable services comes to an end, German viewers find themselves at a crossroads. Traditional cable’s loss appears to be streaming and IPTV’s gain, offering consumers not only more choices but potentially shifting the entertainment landscape in a significant way.

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