Anker Solix C800: Compact Power Station with Optional Camping Light

### Introducing the Anker Solix C800: A Compact Power Station with Optional Camping Lights

In the constantly evolving world of portable power solutions, Anker is setting a new trend with the launch of its latest product – the Anker Solix C800. This new offering from Anker, slated to hit the markets in March, deviates from the norm of going bigger, heavier, and more expensive. Instead, it presents a compact and portable device, designed with the outdoor adventurer in mind. Adding a unique twist, the Solix C800 features an option for two LED lights, making it an ideal companion for camping and outdoor parties.

The core model of the Anker Solix C800 is equipped with a 768Wh battery and has dimensions of 37.1 x 20.5 x 25.3 cm, weighing in at just under 11 kg. For those seeking a little more, the Solix C800 Plus variant incorporates a storage compartment in the lid for two LED camping lights. These versatile lights can be used in conjunction with a provided tripod, or doubled down as a flashlight or a table lamp, adding a layer of functionality for outdoor enthusiasts. A built-in LED light bar, a standard feature across Anker’s power stations, is situated on the device’s front, offering adjustable brightness that stands out in comparison to the less practical point spotlights typically used by competitors.

### The Power Within: LiFePO4 Battery with 3,000 Charging Cycles

At the heart of the Anker Solix C800 lies a LiFePO4 battery, renowned for its longevity, with Anker guaranteeing up to 3,000 charge cycles. The device is designed to deliver a maximum output of 1,200 watts through three built-in Schuko sockets, with capability to briefly surge up to 1,600 watts. Additional connectivity options include two USB-C ports (100W and 30W), two USB-A ports (each 12W), and a car socket output maxing out at 120 watts.

Charging the Anker Solix C800 is flexible and efficient; whether through a standard outlet or via solar panels. For those in a rush, the power station can be fully charged in just 58 minutes using the “HyperFlash-Mode”.

### Stay Connected with App Integration

An additional feature of the C800 models is app connectivity through Bluetooth and WiFi. This enables users to monitor the power station’s status and adjust settings for charging and discharging directly from their mobile device.

The standard Solix C800 model is priced at €649, while the Plus version is set at €699. These prices become even more appealing with Anker’s introductory offer.

### Early Bird Offer: €150 Discount

In a special launch promotion, anyone who registers their email address on the Anker product page by March 11th will receive an early bird discount code. This code can be used to slash €150 off the listed prices at the start of sales on March 12th, making the Anker Solix C800 an even more irresistible offer for outdoor enthusiasts and power-reliant users alike.

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