Apple Music via Shazam: Free months also for returnees

**Apple Music Offers Free Months Through Shazam, Including for Returning Users**

Apple has launched a new promotional campaign offering up to three months of free access to its in-house music streaming service, Apple Music. The promotion is hosted yet again on the website of the Shazam app, a tool also provided by Apple, which is popular for identifying unknown music tracks playing on the radio.

**Free Months for Returnees Too**

Visitors to this special page will now be welcomed with a promotional offer that gives users up to three months of Apple Music for free and exclusively through Shazam. What makes this offer even more appealing is that it’s not limited to new subscribers; those who have previously had temporary access to Apple Music are also eligible.

**Promotional Offer: Up to 3 Months of Apple Music for Free**

The promo, which began last week, allows for the use of this Spotify alternative at no cost until March at best. Returnees typically receive two months of access, meaning they can enjoy Apple Music until April 19.

After activating the free months, cancellation is straightforward via the subscription settings of one’s Apple ID. This means that users can enjoy the free period until the last day without unintentionally transitioning into a paid subscription. In other words, those wary of accidentally entering a paid subscription can take steps now to ensure that access ends after the trial period, rather than automatically renewing.

To cancel, it’s best to navigate to the mobile App Store, click on the small circle with your profile picture at the top right, and select „Subscriptions.“ Here, you can cancel access to Apple Music, which will continue to be valid until the specific expiration date.

**Valid Until March 31**

According to Apple, this offer is supposed to be available until March 31. However, Cupertino has recently started to limit the number of redeemable free vouchers per account. If you’ve already taken advantage of many similar free promotions in the past, Apple may exclude you from participating again.

Given that the specific terms and conditions Apple applies are not disclosed, we recommend trying to redeem the voucher anyway. Feedback and experiences are welcome in the comments.

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Apple’s integration of Shazam into its promotional offerings for Apple Music highlights a smart use of its acquisitions, leveraging existing technologies to offer value-added services to both new and returning users. As the tech giant continues to innovate and find new ways to attract subscribers, promotions like these serve as an interesting case study in digital marketing and customer engagement strategies.

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