Apple Vision Pro 2 in Autumn 2025: Should You Wait for the Next Generation?

### Apple Vision Pro 2 Expected in Fall 2025: Should You Wait for the Next Generation?

The Apple Vision Pro has been a topic of great interest since its introduction. However, as of now, the device is only available in the United States. This raises an important question for tech enthusiasts around the world: Will Apple offer the Apple Vision Pro in its current form outside of the United States, or will the company delay sales in Europe and Asia until the next generation of the smart glasses is ready for shipment?

### A Long Wait Ahead

For those outside the U.S. eagerly waiting to get their hands on Apple’s mixed reality headset, there might be a considerable wait time. According to Mark Gurman, a well-informed Apple observer, the debut of the next Vision Pro generation is slated for fall 2025, which means at least an 18-month wait.

The exact changes that Apple plans to implement in the next generation of the headset remain uncertain. However, early adopters have voiced several concerns. These include the weight of the device, which can become uncomfortable during long sessions, and the diminishing comfort over extended periods of use.

### Weight, Comfort, and Isolation

In addition, the selection of immersive applications, the lack of games and sports offerings, and the steep price—which is equivalent to buying two latest iPhones—have also been points of contention. Another significant drawback is the isolation factor: putting on the Apple Vision Pro immerses users in their own world, effectively disconnecting them from colleagues, family, and friends, except for possibly FaceTime calls.

### To Buy or Not to Buy

Looking back at the first iteration of the Apple Watch, it seems prudent for those interested in the Apple Vision Pro to skip the first generation and wait for the improvements that will undoubtedly come with the second iteration. These improvements are expected to address initial user feedback and enhance the overall experience.

As it stands, tech enthusiasts outside the U.S. might not have much choice but to wait until fall 2025. This could be a blessing in disguise, allowing potential buyers to benefit from the improvements made based on the feedback from early adopters of the first generation.

In conclusion, while the Apple Vision Pro promises a groundbreaking mixed reality experience, the anticipation for the next generation builds. It holds the promise of a lighter, more comfortable device with a richer selection of applications and, hopefully, a more inclusive user experience. Until then, the wait continues, but it might just be worth it.

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