„Apple Vision Pro Could Arrive in Europe Sooner Than Expected“

# Apple Vision Pro May Arrive in Europe Sooner Than Expected

In a surprising twist, the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro could make its debut in European markets much earlier than initially thought. According to renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a sharp decrease in demand within the US could lead Apple to accelerate its plans to cater to other markets. This comes as quite the revelation, given that the Vision Pro, following its launch, faced a brief period of unavailability but is now readily available for delivery within just three to five days, hinting at a cooled demand in the US.

Upon its introduction to the market, the Vision Pro was quickly snapped up, leading to a temporary shortage of the device. However, as the supply situation has stabilized, delivery timelines have significantly shortened, indicating a stabilization in demand. Kuo interprets this as evidence of the market’s subdued enthusiasm for the product in the United States.

The initial hurdle for Apple wasn’t the production capacity but rather the stringent software requirements needed to comply with local regulations and laws in different markets. Nevertheless, with the demand challenge seemingly under control, Kuo suggests that Apple might now be in a better position to tackle these regulatory requirements more swiftly.

Initially, expectations had been set for a launch delay extending into the autumn, but the latest insights from Kuo bring hope for a much earlier arrival of the Vision Pro, possibly even before Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The timing is crucial, as having the Vision Pro available to a wider developer community before the WWDC, typically held in early June, aligns with Apple’s interests in fostering app development and broader engagement with the new platform.

## The Road Ahead for the Apple Vision Pro

Kuo’s prediction puts the spotlight on Apple’s immediate plans for the Vision Pro, suggesting an ambitious timeline for its wider availability. However, when it comes to anticipating the release of a second-generation model, Kuo advises patience. Based on information from suppliers, Apple is projected to distribute a maximum of 800,000 units of the Vision Pro this year. Compared to other Apple products, this figure might seem modest, underscoring the Vision Pro’s status as a preliminary foray into a new product category rather than a mass-market release.

Looking towards the future, significant updates or a full-fledged successor to the Vision Pro are not expected until 2027 at the earliest. It seems that Apple is taking a measured approach to developing its first augmented reality headset, carefully testing the waters before committing to more substantial changes or iterations.

In summary, the Apple Vision Pro’s journey is just beginning, with an encouraging outlook for an earlier-than-expected launch in Europe and beyond. This strategic shift, prompted by shifting demand dynamics and market readiness, could potentially offer European consumers and developers a sooner-than-anticipated chance to experience Apple’s latest technological innovation. As the WWDC approaches, all eyes will be on Apple to see how the Vision Pro’s rollout unfolds and how the company plans to evolve its vision for augmented reality in the years to come.
source: https://www.ifun.de/apple-vision-pro-koennte-frueher-nach-europa-kommen-als-gedacht-228410/

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