Astropad Slate: App turns iPad into Mac trackpad

# Astropad Slate: Transform Your iPad into a Mac Trackpad

Astro HQ, a well-known software provider, has recently launched an innovative iPad application named Astropad Slate, which effectively turns your Apple tablet into an oversized trackpad for your Mac. This new tool not only allows the Apple Pencil to be used as a drawing device but also enhances the overall connectivity and functionality between your iPad and Mac.

Available for a one-time purchase of €23, Astropad Slate requires the download and installation of a companion application on your Mac, which, fortunately, is provided for free on the company’s website.

## Drawing, Typing, and Mouse Movements

Astropad Slate presents an array of four input modes to cater to various user needs. Beyond the traditional touchscreen gestures that are performed simply using fingers, the app specializes in processing handwritten inputs and converting them to text directly on your Mac. It opens the door to using the iPad as a drawing tablet, and intriguingly, enables the Apple Pencil to control the mouse cursor—turning the iPad into a massively proportioned trackpad.

### Connectivity Options

When it comes to connecting with your Mac, Astropad Slate offers flexibility. It can be tethered via USB for a stable connection or can connect wirelessly through an existing WiFi network. The application even supports the creation of a direct ad-hoc connection between the two devices for seamless interaction.

### Unique Selling Propositions

In an era where subscription models are the norm, Astropad Slate stands out by being offered as a one-time purchase without any subsequent subscription fees or in-app purchases. This makes it an attractive option for users seeking a cost-effective digital input solution.

Astropad Slate is touted on its project website as an affordable input option for creatives looking to leverage drawing applications on their Macs. Notably, the application supports hover functionality, is compatible with new iPad models, and excels in not just the relative positioning of input commands but also in mirroring the entire Mac screen onto the iPad. This feature enhances workflow by enabling direct navigation to specific areas on the screen.

## Final Thoughts

Astropad Slate represents a significant leap forward in integrating iPad functionality with Mac operations, especially for the creative community. Its ability to turn the iPad into a versatile trackpad and drawing tablet, combined with its non-subscription pricing model, makes it a compelling choice for artists and general users alike. The seamless connection options and enhanced screen mirroring capabilities further solidify its place as a must-have tool for extending the utility of Apple’s popular devices.

Whether you’re a seasoned illustrator or someone who enjoys the convenience of an expansive trackpad, Astropad Slate is worth considering for anyone looking to boost their Mac and iPad synergy.

Find Astropad Slate in the App Store and revolutionize the way you interact with your Mac and iPad today.

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